URGENT: Leopard numbers in sub-Saharan Africa have declined by more than 30% in 25 years. We need your help to ensure their survival. Please, urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list all African leopard populations as “endangered” thus giving them the highest level of protection: [ Action.hsi.org Link ]
Update: Eight dogs HSI just rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm have arrived safely in the UK! With their suffering finally behind them, they will now have a chance at new lives. Currently, they’re settling in at All Dogs Matter, but they’ll soon be adopted out to loving, forever homes.
Huge news in our fight against the senseless exploitation of wild animals! After 146 years in business, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is shutting down its circus. Some countries - like Austria, Croatia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Iran, Singapore and many others - already have nationwide bans on use of wild animals in circuses. Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Huge progress for egg-laying hens in Brazil! After working with our HSI team in Brazil, two industry giants in the country - Cargill and International Meal Company (IMC) - committed to switching to 100% cage-free eggs in the country! These two policies together will spare millions of hens from a life of confinement in cruel battery cages. Read more: [ Hsi.org Link ]
Watch Kat – a four month old puppy HSI rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm – take her first steps of freedom! Thank you to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington for taking such good care of Kat and giving her the love and attention she so desperately deserves.
We’re LIVE at Pet Dominion for the arrival of some of the dogs rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm!
Good news from South Korea! The first batch of 200 dogs are on their way to the United States, leaving their horrible pasts behind. Our team is still on the ground working as quickly as possible to rescue all of the remaining dogs from the freezing temperatures. Please donate now to support this rescue and our campaign against the cruel dog meat trade: [ Donate.hsi.org Link ]
We’re LIVE on the ground in South Korea closing down the sixth dog meat farm!
We found Julius freezing, hungry and covered in pressure sores, yet he was still wagging his tail. Even though he's endured so much, he has so much love to give. We're thrilled to have the chance to get Julius off of this farm and into a loving home. Thank you for your support as we continue to shut down the sixth dog meat farm!
Leo was born on this dog meat farm in South Korea, where his mom, Juliet, has spent her entire life. Both malnourished and frightened, they’ve endured the very worse of humanity--but their luck is about to change.
Meet Annie, a sweet and gentle soul who has suffered for too long on a South Korean dog meat farm. She’s in dire need of warmth, veterinary care and loving attention. Please, donate now to help get Annie off this farm and into the home she so desperately deserves: [ Donate.hsi.org Link ]
UPDATE: Our Animal Rescue team landed safely in South Korea and is at the dog meat farm today to remove all 200 animals from the facility. We’re eager to get the dogs to safety—and freedom! —as soon as possible. Please, donate now to support this rescue and fight the cruel dog meat trade: [ Donate.hsi.org Link ]
URGENT: Our team is on its way to South Korea to shut down the SIXTH dog meat farm and we need your help to make it happen! Right now, 200 dogs are locked away in cages, suffering in freezing temperatures. Please donate to help us close the doors to this facility and continue our campaign to end the cruel dog meat trade: [ Donate.hsi.org Link ]
THANK YOU so much to everyone who took action, donated, shared our posts and otherwise supported HSI throughout 2016. With you standing by our side, we’ll continue to fight for animals in the coming year!
Wishing all of our supporters a happy & humane New Year!
LAST CHANCE: There are only a few hours left in 2016 and there’s still so much more to be done for animals in need. Be the one to make a difference in the upcoming year. Please don’t wait, now’s your final chance to give a year-end gift: [ Donate.hsi.org Link ]
Wonderful news for the elephants to ring in the New Year! The Chinese government has announced that it will halt all domestic ivory trade by the end of 2017. The world’s largest market for ivory is now closed for business.

While we’ve seen heartbreaking loss of elephants to poaching, China’s announcement capped off a tremendous year of gains for the African elephant, following similar bans...
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Every animal deserves a chance but some don’t have another day to wait. Time is running out and we need your help. Be the one to make a difference for animals in 2017 by making a year-end gift today: [ Donate.hsi.org Link ]
There’s no better time to help animals than right now. If you care as much as we do, please help us continue our life-saving work by making a year-end donation today: [ Donate.hsi.org Link ]