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Remember these survivors? Thanks to your support, Florence, Charley, Smalls, Hobert and Waldo were all saved by HSI’s Animal Rescue Team! Check out their amazing transformations from near death to happy new lives!
Last week, Hurricane Otto hit the northernmost regions of Costa Rica, unleashing 100 mph/160 kph winds and a torrential downpour.

HSI, in conjunction with other NGOs and government agencies, formed a disaster response team to provide much-needed relief to animals affected by the storm. So far, we’ve cared for over 150 animals at our veterinary clinics, and distributed food to more than 400...
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We made it! Yesterday, something incredible happened. Thousands of you came together on #GivingTuesday to achieve a shared goal of raising funds to vaccinate street dogs all around the world.

We hoped to be able to vaccinate 12,000 more dogs against rabies this year, making it a total of 220,000 dogs—an unprecedented number for us. By the end of the day, your generous gifts covered treatment...
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We’re so close! You’ve helped provide vaccinations for more than 11,000 street dogs. Help us reach our year-end goal of vaccinating 220,000 dogs by donating now: [ Donate.hsi.org Link ]
It only costs $5 to keep one dog safe from the suffering and death of rabies. Donate now to help us reach our goal of vaccinating 220,000 street dogs by the end of the year: [ Donate.hsi.org Link ]
This is it: #GivingTuesday. Help provide vaccinations for 12,000 street dogs today, getting us to our goal of vaccinating 220,000 dogs by the end of the year. Donate now: [ Donate.hsi.org Link ]
This week, HSI/Canada in partnership with ChiotsNordiques held a veterinary clinic for street dogs from the Quebec First Nations community in Obedjiwan. Together, we vaccinated and sterilized 100 dogs! Join us tomorrow for #GivingTuesday to help vaccinate 12,000 more street dogs by the end of the year.
Save the date. Join us on #GivingTuesday to help us reach our goal of vaccinating 220,000 street dogs before the end of the year.
More than 200 million dogs roam the streets worldwide, and deadly diseases like rabies pose a major threat to both these animals and their communities. Watch HSI’s Street Team work to solve this problem by helping to implement vaccination and spay/neuter programs.
Look at Florence go! After enduring life on a dog meat farm and having two surgeries to fix her severely deformed rear legs, Florence is making amazing progress towards walking normally and has found a forever home! She loves the underwater treadmill sessions to gain her strength back. Like this post to say THANK YOU to Humane Society of Central Oregon for all their amazing work to help Florence.
Check out Florence’s transformation from life in a tiny metal cage on a dog meat farm in South Korea to running, playing, exploring a new world and meeting her new “mom” over a Starbucks Puppuccino! Thanks Humane Society of Central Oregon for taking such good care of her!
An unforgettable day for Vietnamese children! As part of HSI’s rhino horn demand reduction campaign, His Royal Highness Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, spoke with school children about rhino protection while an HSI staff member read the book “I’m a Little Rhino.” One of the campaign’s main priorities is educating children, and the book is at the heart of the program! Learn more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Great news! McDonald's South Africa has announced plans to switch to 100% cage-free eggs in its supply chain following talks with HSI. This move will spare thousands of animals each year from life inside cramped battery cages. Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
South Korea dog meat trade survivor Tundra experienced the very worst of humanity before HSI saved him from slaughter last April. Luckily he’ll never have to fear for his life again. Thanks to the New Hampshire SPCA, Tundra has been adopted and is happily living in his new forever home!
BREAKING: Victory for our End Animal Testing campaign in India! The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has banned the cruel Draize eye and skin test on rabbits for drug testing. Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
HSI is committed to ending the cruel dog meat trade throughout Asia. Sign our petition to pledge your support: [ Action.hsi.org Link ]
Remember James? A sweet and gentle soul we rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm, he’s thought to be a former pet who was stolen for the trade. Despite the challenges he’s faced, he’s learning how to trust again. Today, he can be found playing with his many toys in his new forever home!
Haiti Update: HSI’s second disaster response team brought further relief to animals in Haiti affected by Hurricane Matthew.

We held four emergency veterinary clinics in severely hit areas including Thomazeau, Fond Baptiste, Boukan and Port Au Prince – treating a total of 1,236 animals on top of the 282 seen by our first team.

Donkeys, mules, dogs and more were dewormed, vaccinated and given...
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Today, we’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of the worldwide ban on commercial whaling! We’ve made great progress but there’s still so much more to do. Right now, our team is at the International Whaling Commission speaking up for whales. Thanks to all of you, we’ve set a bold agenda for the future and will continue making a difference for whales around the world.
BREAKING NEWS: Taiwan has just voted to ban cosmetic animal testing! Read more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]