Calm, gentle Peter has endured the very worst of humanity, yet he’s still wagging his tail. The dog meat industry didn’t break him and thanks to your support, he’ll soon be on his way home.
We’re LIVE rescuing 55 dogs from a South Korean dog meat farm!
On every farm, we are always surprised to see one or two comparatively “lucky" dogs chained up outside instead of crammed into a wire cage. That’s how we found Walter. Thanks to your support, he’ll soon begin his journey to real freedom.
Meet Bonnie. The only world she's ever known has been her short chain and a piece of cardboard serving as her bed on the floor – but that’s all about to change.
We found these sweet puppies and their mother secluded in darkness – living in cold, damp and wet conditions – with not even a drop of water in their bowls. Thanks to your support, we're on the ground right now and are working to get them off this farm and to safety.
We’re LIVE on the ground in South Korea closing down the seventh dog meat farm!
UPDATE: Our Animal Rescue Team landed safely in South Korea and is at the dog meat farm today preparing to remove all 55 animals. Whimpers and cries surround the dungeon-like enclosure as dogs desperately plead for help. Please, donate to support this rescue and shut down this facility for good: [ Link ]
UPDATE: Our team is on its way to South Korea to shut down the seventh dog meat farm and rescue 55 dogs from slaughter. We need your help to make this happen! Please, donate to support this rescue and our campaign to end the cruel dog meat trade: [ Link ]
BREAKING: We’ve identified another dog meat farm in South Korea to be shut down – and you can help. Right now, 55 dogs are suffering in almost total darkness, with no access to sunlight or fresh air, but our rescue preparations are underway. Please make an urgent donation to help us save these dogs and shut down this facility for good: [ Link ]
Last year, HSI/Mexico helped stop the sadistic cruelty of stringing up small animals like piñatas and beating them to death during the annual Kots Kaal Pato fiesta. We can’t allow this inhumane practice to resume. Please, thank the mayor for halting this atrocity and encourage him to resist pressure to reinstate it as a “cherished tradition”: [ Link ]
Victory! In another major blow to the commercial seal hunt in Canada, Switzerland announced it will ban commercial trade in seal products! Read more: [ Link ]
The more crammed into each cage, the greater the profit… Every year, millions of dogs suffer terribly as victims of the dog meat trade in Asia. You can help. Speak out against this terrible cruelty: [ Link ]
Celebrate #WorldWildlifeDay with us! Young voices from around the world are joining HSI in our fight to protect elephants, sharks, rhinos, pangolins, lions, whales, dolphins, and other animals from extinction. The future is in their hands! #youth4wildlife
Right now – under Japanese and Korean regulations – dogs are being needlessly poisoned for cruel pesticide tests before being killed and dissected. We’re working to eliminate this cruelty but we need your support. Please, donate to help us stop the poisoning of dogs now: [ Link ]
Victory! Guatemala just passed one of the most comprehensive anti-cruelty laws in the world. Submitted last year by HSI and our local partners, this landmark legislation effectively bans dogfighting and animal testing of cosmetics, and creates protections for wildlife, companion animals, and animals used in circuses. Read more: [ Link ]
Today is World Spay Day, an opportunity to shine a spotlight on spay/neuter as the most effective and humane means of decreasing the number of homeless animals put down in shelters or living on the street. If you have a pet, please make sure she or he is spayed or neutered!
HSI/Latin America assisted authorities with rescuing 15 dogs from a suspected dogfighting ring in Costa Rica. The severely neglected dogs are covered in wounds and scars; two have missing ears. The suspect has been detained and the rescued animals are being evaluated and treated. Read more: [ Link ]
Rhinos are teetering on the brink of extinction – close to being wiped off the face of the Earth due to poaching and other threats – yet South Africa just proposed to open trade in rhino horn. Please, urge South Africa’s government to help save these animals, not exploit them: [ Link ]
Japan and South Korea still require a pesticide test that involves poisoning beagles daily for a year before they are finally killed and dissected. We have a good chance of stopping this, but we need your help. Please sign our petition now: [ Link ]