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The answer lies in understanding HSUS's real agenda.

Why Does the Humane Society Want Animals to Get Sick?
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Did you see our full-page ad in USA Today?

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Fake News or Fact? See Our USA Today Ad
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Happy National Love Your Pet Day!

Make sure to #GiveLocal and help every pet find a loving home.
Yet another local shelter speaks out.

Not the same 'Humane' Society
Want to stop the real #AttackonAnimals? Share this, and expose the The Humane Society of the United States for the #HumaneScam it is.

Learn more about HSUS here: [ Link ]
Talk about an #attackonanimals

We need our HumaneWatch friends to use this hashtag to tell HSUS what we really think about their deceptive fundraising tactics.

HumaneWatch | How Little Does This “Humane Society” Give to Pet Shelters in Your State?
Thousands of lawyers can't afford their summer home, because you won't donate to HSUS. #HumaneScam

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HSUS employee: “There isn’t any justification for eating fish instead of chicken."

HSUS Wants to Ban Fishing
"People often say, 'Well, I give to you.' And you look in your database and they haven't at all," Heaven said. "And they think giving to HSUS is actually giving to us."

Commercial attacking national humane society resonates with local shelters
When it comes to antibiotic use, Propaganda Pacelle just can't stop using junk science.

Here's our fact-check on his latest video.
"People think that donations they make to the Humane Society of the United States benefit the Beaver County Humane Society, but that is not the case because the two organizations are not connected in any way." #GiveLocal

Beaver County Humane Society needs funds to make up for lack of county money
PETA and HSUS won't like this. But you might.

New Parody Video: I’m PETA, and I’m HSUS
Wayne Pacelle's group socks away millions in its offshore bank accounts. #DrainWayne

This “Charity” Has Stuck $100 Million into Caribbean Investments
Remember when Wayne Pacelle said convicted dog abuser Michael Vick would "do a good job as a pet owner?" We do. #DrainWayne

Wayne Pacelle Has Officially Gone ‘Round the Bend
Remember when Wayne Pacelle signed a check in a witness-payoff racketeering scheme? We do. #DrainWayne

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Remember when Wayne Pacelle lied to Congress? We do. #DrainWayne

HSUS Lies to Congress
Did you see our ad today in Roll Call? #DrainWayne

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