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PETA and HSUS won't like this. But you might.

New Parody Video: I’m PETA, and I’m HSUS
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Wayne Pacelle's group socks away millions in its offshore bank accounts. #DrainWayne

This “Charity” Has Stuck $100 Million into Caribbean Investments
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Remember when Wayne Pacelle said convicted dog abuser Michael Vick would "do a good job as a pet owner?" We do. #DrainWayne

Wayne Pacelle Has Officially Gone ‘Round the Bend
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Remember when Wayne Pacelle signed a check in a witness-payoff racketeering scheme? We do. #DrainWayne

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Remember when Wayne Pacelle lied to Congress? We do. #DrainWayne

HSUS Lies to Congress
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Did you see our ad today in Roll Call? #DrainWayne

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Tell members of Congress that PETA is not their friend.

PETA Tries to Make Nice with Congress
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After 146-years, Ringling Bros. is closing... And animal liberationists, from HSUS and PETA, are cheering.

Rapid Reaction: Ringling’s Rollback
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This governor doesn't like HSUS one bit.

Maine Governor Slams HSUS Inhumanity
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The Humane Society of the U.S. gives only 1 percent of its budget to local shelters. But how does it spend the other 99 percent?

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"We get no financial help from ... the Humane Society of the United States (if you donate to those commercials with all the sad pets please understand we get none of that financial assistance they claim to give out)." — Lake Tahoe Humane Society

Happy Anniversary, Lake Tahoe Humane Society |
Meet Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the Humane Society.

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Wayne Pacelle is America's largest animal predator.
Ever donated to HSUS? You might want to scroll by and skip this...

10 Things You Should Know About HSUS
The Humane Society of the U.S. is NOT affiliated with your local pet shelter.

This giving season, ditch HSUS and #GiveLocal.

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Wayne Pacelle might need to double-check his definition of "win."

Say What? HSUS Claims $11 Million Bribery Settlement was a Win
We're so happy that all these pups found forever homes.

HSUS is not affiliated with local your local Humane Society. By giving to local shelters like this one, you can truly help animals in need.

Colorado Springs shelter adopts out all of its available dogs