Humans of Amsterdam
03/23/2017 at 11:13. Facebook
''She likes to sing songs for the birds. They are her friends.''
Humans of Amsterdam
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''Now people on the internet might think we don't work hard..''
Humans of Amsterdam
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''Last summer Max lost 10 kilo's. He was stuck on a rooftop for two weeks and we couldn't find him. Luckily we ended up finding him and we are happy that he is still here. Our costumers love him. Some even come in just to say hi to Max or give him some candy. Even though he is spoiled he also works.''
''Really? What does he do?''
''He has a weekly column in a local newspaper.''
''I was born on a Sunday and until my 17th birthday, I thought that those who are born on Sunday will never work a day in their lives. Boy was I wrong..''
''I was 16 and she was 17 when we started going out. Back then we were still in the art academy. We are both artist. I am a realist and she is a surrealist. One year later she broke up with me because she wasn’t ready to settle down. She wanted to see what else was out there.''
''What changed your mind?''
''He wrote me a letter one year later for my 19th birthday. It was a love letter. I can’t...
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''I got my first smartphone 2 years ago when I became a manager at the restaurant. It was a hard job and I worked way too many hours. It caused me to have a burn-out a few months later and so I had to quit my job but I got to keep the phone. In the following months I just rested, traveled and dedicated more time to things I love and being with people I care about.

I am a person who...
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I'm excited to share with you that Bert Koenders, the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs just officially accepted all of your 31.000 signatures. He stated: ''We do our utmost best to solve this case. Each day without a solution is one too many.''

We are still waiting for a response from The Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

We will continue the campaign because your signature is a voice...
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''It's a bit of a cliche story but I came to this city for love..''
''I used to work in New York in a Diner. One day a handsome Italian man came by to have breakfast. In the next few days he came back every morning to have breakfast. Only on the sixth morning he came by and I realized he was only there to see me. He was Italian but he lived in Amsterdam. I had already planned a eurotrip the next month so when I told him that I was coming to Europe he invited...
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Before we go back to our regular posting I wanted to share a few UPDATES on NADIA'S story.

Thanks to all of you we raised 25.000 signatures for the petition within only 2 days. The petition will stay up so please tell your mother, father, grandparents, kids, friends and people in your community about Nadia and ask them to sign the petition as well.

Right now it is hard to tell what the exact...
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A response from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Nadia's story. We are still waiting for a response from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

I'm excited to share with you that we reached a milestone of 20.000 signatures. Many people have signed the petition but we still need a much signatures as possible.
You can sign here: [ Link ]
We raised 14.000 signatures in only half a day and Nadia's story just got picked up by the Indiatimes. This petition is a request to The Indian Ministry of External Affairs and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to collaborate in solving this case.

Despite of Nadia’s countless efforts this has not happened yet. That is why we helped Nadia to set up her own Change campaign.

Please sign...
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This Mother's Struggle To Bring Back Her Kidnapped 2 YO Daughter To Mumbai Is Coming To An End
I'm excited to share with you all that tonight Nadia was invited last minute to talk on National Dutch television about the petition for Insiya. They also showed a part of the film we made for the campaign.

So far we collected 7600 signatures within only a few hours. It is incredible to see the power of this community. If you have not signed it yet please consider doing so.
Your autograph can...
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In order for Nadia to get her daughter back, The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has to collaborate with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Despite of Nadia’s countless efforts this has not happened yet. That is why Humans of Amsterdam helped Nadia to set up her own campaign which requests these two Ministries to work together to bring Insiya back home to her mother.

Please share...
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''When my daughter got kidnapped I knew I had to go public with my story in order to find help. I was anxious but when I shared my story here it went internationally viral. I received thousands of heart warming messages from men and women from all over the world. When you go through a situation like this, life becomes a nightmare but that love and support becomes a light in the dark. When my...
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''2015 was the year I transformed myself and lost 30 kilos. However, 2016 was the year I rebuild myself up again. In the years of my weight gain I had become such a negative person. Complaining and saying nothing will work out is easy. I had been angry for a long time but holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Once I understood that it was easier to...
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''I remember the day I stood on the scales and the numbers didn't lie, I weighed 103 kilos. I can’t describe how miserable I felt. The question was no longer what do I wear today but what do I own that still fits me. At home, the situation was unstable and I was in an unhealthy relationship. I’m an emotional eater so whenever I would feel bad I would eat.
My boyfriend and I had been together...
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''I have always wanted to travel the world but somehow I never did. I have a good job but every day is already planned out and filled with meeting. I imagine myself waking up in a different country and not have a plan at all. I would love to experience what that feels like..''
''In the 70's I hitchhiked from Amsterdam to India. I was advised to travel with a knife but I never did. I figured if I would I'd be the one getting stabbed.''
There was a saying in Afghanistan that I'll never forget.''If you come with bullets, you will be shot. If you come armless, you will make a friend.''