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c/o @diddy
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Rain drop
Doing laps like a stopwatch
Rapping all the way to the top top Won’t ever stop till the gwap lots
Even then, I’mma spend all till my heart flops
In room full of goons, masked up like they snip knot
From the womb to the tomb I’lll be hip hop
You are doomed to assume that I can not
I’mma prove I can do what you can not
Cardi B booty in hooptie
Hanging out...
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Humble The Poet
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Everytime I find myself falling into the trap of doubt, fear worry and anxiety, this is my mantra. Sometimes I say it once a day, sometimes it's several times an hour, regardless, it's been a truth I can rely on. You're still here, you've weathered many storms before, and you'll weather many more that come. Unfortunately you can't simply remember this once, and all the skies clear, it'll never...
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The homey JEROME JARRE launched this great initiative to help those who need it most in #Somalia by filling up a plane full of food and supplies for them! Proud to be able to contribute and spread on the word =) #NominatedForSomalia

Much love to IISuperwomanII for nominating me =)

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Click here to support LOVE ARMY FOR SOMALIA by Jérôme Jarre
When sis requests one "presentable" picture with the #squad, but things go downhill very quicky

It's hard for me to shake grudges, often times I think I'm laid back, and letting the little things slide, but really they're just slowly building up like a stack of pebbles, until the next thing I know I have a huge wall of resentment. It's a delicate balance of letting your feelings out and picking your battles; nobody wants to hear anyone complain too much, and if we don't vent it at all,...
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keep the promises you're making to yourself

Great night, bad lighting.. Happy to see the homie @sarahjanedias out here in #Hollyhood grinding. Bringing that #Mumbai hustle to LA is going to bring you nothing less than success.. Excited to watch you conquer :) #LOVE
Loving ourselves isn't isolating ourselves.. Its ensuring we can stand on our own without leaning on others.. It also allows us to create a source of #love to share with others that doesn't require anything in return, because love is a GIFT, not a loan
The challenge of writing stuff that can be easily thrown in the 'self-help' section is that self-improvement can be misunderstood as: "something will always be wrong with you, and you need to fix that sh*t, and you won't be happy until you do.". That mindset has us always focusing on our flaws, and depending on the company we keep, those flaws get even more scrutiny through the criticisms of...
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c/o @trentshelton
Do You Have Trouble Saying "No" To People?
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We spend a lot of time looking at other peoples lives in full colour photos all over our feeds. They say a picture tells 1000 words, but that still not enough for the whole story. This constant bombardment of consuming other peoples highlight reels will eventually have us comparing and wondering why our 'Behind The Scenes' aren't as glamorous, and we forget that we're looking at images...
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