Humza Yousaf
01/19/2017 at 16:46. Facebook
Simply awful news. Thoughts with Mr & Mrs Aslam's children, family and friends.

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Scots couple die in Saudi Arabia bus crash after trip to Mecca
Received a further weather and travel update today. We are in for a cold night folks so please check your travel plans before heading out, especially if driving.

We'll have almost 170 gritters out across Scotland - you can see what trunk roads they have and are treating with our live gritter tracker below:

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The latest figures are out and pleased to see there has been an improvement in Scotrail's performance. Still work to do but moving in the right direction.

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'Big improvement' in ScotRail reliability - BBC News
Am pleased to have secured a deal for Seafarers working in the Northern Isles. The law still needs changed at Westminster but pleased in the interim that workers will be paid appropriately regardless of where they come from.

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Deal agreed over Northern Isles freight boat low pay wrangle - BBC News
My thanks to the Forth Road Bridge team who have been working since the early hours of the morning - the bridge is now fully reopened. My statement below
Forth Road Bridge closed due to an overturned HGV. Please use alternative route. Do not ignore travel advice.
Chaired a Scottish Govt resilience meeting with John Swinney today to ensure we're prepared for challenging weather for the next few days. Gale force winds tomorrow followed by widespread snow showers and a real dip in temperatures. If travelling across Scotland please do check the website below where all travel info has been collated on to one site:

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Travel Disruption – How can you plan ahead?
Genuinely disappointed in Jeremy Corbyn for rolling over to the Tories on freedom of movement. I hope every EU citizen in Scotland knows that the SNP will fight for their right to live and work here.

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Corbyn: Labour is willing to sacrifice the free movement of people
Alex Salmond not mincing his words. Calls for the unacceptable comments from Israeli Diplomat Shai Masot to be investigated by the UK Government, says Masot must have his diplomatic status revoked & he must be removed from the country. Interference in our democracy is a serious matter.
I'm not in the habit of giving Katie Hopkins publicity. That said, we can't allow her retweeting a Nazi account in approval go unchallenged. Anti-Semitism & racism cannot simply become the norm. I hope her employers - LBC Radio & The Daily Mail - take action.
As well as Scotrail's week's free travel for Season Ticket holders, they are working up discounts for weekly, daily and leisure travellers too.

Our week free will bring better savings than a rail free. For example with a fare free you would save £72 travelling between Gla-Ed with our free week you save £95.50. We'll also continue our record investment in Scotland's railways.

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Minister hails 'free week' of travel for ScotRail passengers
A group of powerful & well respected Nobel Laureates have written to Aung San Suu Kyi over her failure to protect the Rohingya community from the 'ethnic cleansing' they are facing under her watch.

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Nobel laureates warn Aung San Suu Kyi over 'ethnic cleansing' of Rohingya
Chaired ScotGovt Resilience meeting this morning and our early communication/preperations/recovery in relation to Storms Barbara/Conor have gone well. Thank to key responders for working tirelessly over festive period.

Met Office tell me the weather will be settled the next few days including a bout of high pressure. Maybe even time for an ice cream...
Chaired our ScotGovt resilience meeting this morning and concentrated on Storm Conor preparations. If you are travelling particularly up North or to any of our islands today or tomorrow please do check the Traffic Scotland website for travel updates.

Still plenty of work to do but a big thank you to key responders who have been working tirelessly to keep people moving and to keep them...
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Air and Ferry Disruption – How can you plan ahead?
Merry Christmas everyone. Hope Santa was good to ya'll x
Chaired a further Scottish Govt resilience meeting to discuss recovery post-Storm Barbara and preparations for Storm Conor. A thank you to all those involved, early communication means most people prepared in advance and hopefully not as disrupted as they could've been.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Eve and Happy Hanukkah to Jewish friends
Labour's Former Transport Minister brands Scottish Labour's policies on the railways as "irrelevant" & "totally unrealistic populism"

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Chaired a further Scottish Govt resilience meeting to discuss the impact of Storm Barbara and our preparations. Has been the expected disruption but preparation measures and early communication has helped.

I'll be working over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day to ensure we're equally prepared for Storm Conor likely to hit the North of Scotland on Boxing Day.
Chaired a Scottish Govt Resilience meeting today to ensure all partners are prepared for the challenging weather we have coming over the next few days.

There will be transport disruptions particularly in the North & North West of the country. If you are travelling to any of our Islands in particular over the next few days please check with your transport provider as there is a high...
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Ministers chair resilience meeting on weather preparations | Transport Scotland
Just received a briefing from the Met Office at our National Control Centre. There will be high winds on Wed/Thur and Storm Barbara likely to hit on Friday/Sat. This will cause travel disruption across the country. If you are travelling to see friends and family over the festive period please do plan your journey ahead. Will post regular updates. We are putting in place preparation measures as...
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