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Humza Yousaf
12/01/2016 at 19:56. Facebook
Chaired a meeting with political parties, trade unions & other stakeholders to dicuss a public sector bid for our railways- something only legally possible because of the SNP. Thanks to the STUC & Greens for their supportive comments.
Humza Yousaf
12/01/2016 at 18:14. Facebook
Today Tory MSP Jackson Carlaw tried to launch an attack on my use of the railways...only problem, he looked at the wrong website and it turns out I use the trains more than he does...oh and he charges the taxpayer 13times more for petrol driving to Parliament than he does for train journeys!

I'll let the opposition make daft boomerang attacks that come back to bite them, while I concentrate...
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Humza Yousaf
11/30/2016 at 22:51. Facebook
Hope everyone has had a wonderful St Andrew's Day. Just back from BEMIS Multicultural St Andrew's Day event. Want to see diversity in action? Here's a Muslim singing in Irish Gaelic at a St Andrew's Day event...! #WeAreAllScotland
Humza Yousaf
11/28/2016 at 14:35. Facebook
One of my proudest moments as local MSP today - launching the Pollok Pledge with my inspirational constituent Tommy Whitelaw. The pledges are committments from social care students at Clyde College (Cardonald Campus) to do what they can to support dementia sufferers and their carers. Well done to all - delighted to be a part of it.
Scotrail's performance has not been good enough - that is why I instructed an Improvement Plan from them. Today I made a statement to Parliament outlining what actions we'd be taking to improve our railways, a list of a few of them below. The opposition focussed on making petty, personal attacks, I'll leave them to do that while I concentrate on putting passengers first.
Told BBC this morning that performance of Scotrail is not at acceptable standard and needs to get better, that is why I demanded an Improvement Plan which details 245 actions that will be taken to improve performance. This will be bolstered by over £8m investment.

My job is to demand better service for passengers across Scotland. Committed to doing just that.
M74 opens early, ahead of schedule after essential and planned demolition of Bothwellpark Bridge. Thanks to all working on the project:

[ Bbc.co.uk Link ]

M74 reopens after Bothwellpark bridge demolition - BBC News

Day two of M74 closure between J4/J5 - avoid the area and plan your journey ahead. The route will be reopened on Monday 06.00. The closure is due to planned essential roadworks.

[ Trafficscotland.org Link ]

*M74 Weekend Closure* J4 Maryville to J5 Raith from 8pm Friday 18th November until 6am Monday 21st

Fair, balanced analysis from the Scotsman Editorial today on our railways. Gives a good sense of perspective and pointing out the obvious political games being played. Worth sharing:

[ Scotsman.com Link ]

Leader comment: Runaway row over a broken down train

Been monitoring Scotrail's morning peak performance this morning, been at stations since 06.30am. Pleased to see performance at 91% - better than many services across the UK. We now need Scotrail to provide this level of service consistently, something I'll be personally holding them to account over.
Here is my statement below on this morning's disruption on the railways. Scotrail's performance must improve. I will be personally monitoring this evening's peak time operations and will also be at our busiest stations from 6.30am tomorrow to monitor the morning peak.

I want to thank railway staff working flat out to mitigate the disruption. 89 out of 100 trains in Scotland arrive by their...
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Knew I'd come across Breitbart before. They attack moderates & progressives - cursory look at website throws up allegations of Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and misogyny. Not reassuring that President-elect Donald Trump has appointed former CEO of Breitbart as a key advisor.

Remembering words from one of the greatest Americans that ever lived.
Snow likely across parts of Scotland tonight and tomorrow - more gritters on the roads than ever before. In fact you can watch them in real-time at the link below (in case you get bored of the US election coverage...!)

[ Arcgis.com Link ]


Pleasure speaking at Active Travel Summit today. Announced a task force to look at planning legislation and guidelines to explore putting in a place a presumption towards cycle and walking infrastructure- including segregated cycle paths. They are essential if we want to get more people fit and active through walking and cycling.

[ Transport.gov.scot Link ]
I have written to Glasgow City Council, Community Safety Glasgow & Police Scotland about the deeply concerning situation surrounding the Barrat Circle flats in my constituency. I met local residents recently and their worst fears are being realised. It is only a matter of time until someone is seriously injured due to this horrific anti-social behaviour. Collectively we have a duty to protect...
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Good and productive day in the Highlands. Started early doors in a bike-cafe, on to my first Convention of the Highlands and Islands, spoke at Inverness Chambers of Commerce, launched Sheils Buses new smart-ticket and finished up discussing transport priorities with Lochaber Chambers of Commerce. All in all a busy day! Hope ya'll have been guising and enjoying the subsequent sugary treats (all...
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Pleased to speak at protest against human rights abuses in Kashmir.

I remember with great pride the late Bashir Ahmad MSP bringing a motion on Kashmir to the SNP conference over 10yrs ago asserting the rights of the people of Kashmir to self determination as per UN resolutions.

Kashmir is too often forgotten, important to keep it on the agenda.
Great fun with the clan at my cousin's wedding in Lymington - congrats to Safia and Ian, a gorgeous couple. Very touchingly they also raised over £3000 for Glasgow's Hospice. May you have a lifetime of happiness together x
Been clear recently that Scotrail's performance hasn't been at an acceptable standard. As a result I demanded an improvement plan from Scotrail. I was pleased to meet with 38Degrees Campaigners and hear from them directly about how current rail disruptions have impacted their lives.

You can see Scotrail's improvement plan below - I'll be monitoring this closely.

[ Scotrail.co.uk Link ]