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Less than HALF the fat of Red Lobster’s version... and just as addictive! [ Link ]

Cheddar Bay Biscuit Swap!
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Spiked & low-calorie = the perfect Oscar-watching beverage! [ Link ] // People Food

The 87-Calorie Cocktail You Need for Your Oscar Party
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Let’s just say there won’t be any leftovers… [ Link ]

Family Dinner: Slow-Cooker Carnitas Tacos
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#3: Portion-controlled recipes. [ Link ] // Verywell

8 Clever Ways to Prevent Overeating
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These tips will save you time, cash & calories!!! [ Link ]

7 Genius Ways to Grocery Shop for Success
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Ahhhhh… Redbook Snack Awards! I’m ALL about snacks, so it was super fun helping judge the best ones for Redbook Magazine!! Check ‘em out!!! [ Link ]

The 25 Absolute Best Snacks You Can Buy Right Now
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For less “I’m tired” in your life... [ Link ] // Verywell

8 Tips to Fight Fatigue & Have More Energy
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We’re kind of obsessed with this thing at Hungryland! Are you?! WEIGH IN!! [ Link ]

5 Reasons the Instant Pot Is Your New BFF
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Valentine’s Day Poll! Best gift: Chocolate, flowers, dinner, or jewelry? (Use the corresponding emoji to choose your favorite!)
Cancel your reservations… Check out this easy at-home dinner! [ Link ]

Steak Dinner for 2: Under 400 Calories Each!
BACKSTAGE AT Dr. Mehmet Oz!!!!
#5: Taylor Swift would go CRAZY for my low-calorie chicken tenders! (You will, too!) [ Link ] // People Food

5 Healthy Swaps for Celeb Indulgences
Recall alert! You may need to throw away your cheese... [ Link ]

Sargento Has Recalled 7 Cheeses Due to Listeria Concerns
#1: The NEXT big Hungry Girl experience you don’t wanna miss... [ Link ]

3 Things You Need to Know This Week