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01/24/2017 at 12:07. Facebook
You must ‘B’ a Belieber. Nice one! Congrats today’s winners are: Paul Minords, Sharon Lewin Davids, Zakrion Carmen Lewin-Diedericks, Joy Voss & Helannah Lana De Vries! Winners please inbox us!
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So you think you know your stuff? Give this one your best shot…
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Something BIG is coming next week… We can’t wait to share it with you!
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Enjoy our delicious Chocolate & Toffee sweet treat this Sunday for only R9.90!
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Hope you’re rocking this weekend?! Now let our tasty chicken rock your world!
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Congrats to all the people that sent us their pics of the rain in their city this week!
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01/19/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
Here’s your answer! Luckily you don’t need to be a maths genius to know amazing value when you see it! Congrats today’s winners are:S akie Bhadela Mtyali, Melissa Roos, Pamela Isihlahlaesiguganamagxolowaso Dlabazane, Gadija Samuels & Gabaiphiwe Makgaka! Winners please inbox us your details.
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01/19/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
Can you solve the puzzle?
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01/18/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
January’s empty pockets gettin’ you down? It’s Hungry Lion time! Talk about see-ree-usssss value to fill you up!
Hungry Lion
01/17/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
What are the last 6 emojis you used? Add them in the comments to predict your 2017!
Thank you to all the people that send us snaps of the rain in their city! We loved your pics!
Last chance! If it rains in your city this week, you could be one of our final big winners! Don’t forget to post those rainy pics…
They say three is a crowd but four is a party! Try our sweet treat tubs in four delicious flavours from ONLY R7.90!
Besties SHARE everything! Why not get a Dixie Burger each for ONLY R12.90!
It’s still a pretty dry summer, why don’t you show us your best rain dance and we could reward you by raining down some great prizes!
Not one but TWO packets of piping hot chips! Tshjoe, now that’s a winning combo! Today's winners are: Pele Thando, Taahir-Tasnim Arbee, Vatiswa Ntozini Mamngcina, Lientjie Vermeulen & David King Mokoena.
Can you guess the missing awesomeness from our Summer Combo?
Did you spot the sweet surprise? Congrats to all our winners who did! Today’s winners are: MmaTshepo DollyBee Amina Mahlatji, Bradley Marlon Zass, Zelo Nkontso, Sibulele Xesi & Gasant Davids !
How well do you know your Hungry Lion? Guess the menu item in the comments and we could make it rain great prizes! First 5 to comment correctly will be getting a sweet surprise!