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Looking forward to serving you at Hungry Lion this weekend!
Hungry Lion
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It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day. Tag a friend who needs some luck and they could win a delicious Big Bite 2 on us!
Hungry Lion
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That feeling when you’re #HungryLikeALion and someone tries to help themselves to your lunch…!!
Hungry Lion
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This guy’s feeling #HungryLikeALion! Satisfy his hunger with as many and as you think it’ll take!
Hungry Lion
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Filled with Hungry Lion LOVE today? Tell us! Show us! Sing to us! Make something for us! #ShareYourLuv and we might share some back!
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We love lunchtime as much as you do! Write on our page and tell us you’re #HungryLikeALion between 11am-2pm and you could WIN delicious prizes!
Hungry Lion
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Shake your head fast from side to side to reveal the hidden image. Did you see it?? Now share it with your squad to see if they’ve also got what it takes!
Hungry Lion
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You know that feeling when you’re so #HungryLikeALion that even your tummy has a say?! Eish. Hungry Lion anyone? [ Link ]
It’s the weekend peeps! That day when you get to do whatever you want. Dixie burger meal for breakfast? Why not?! YOLO!
2 BIGGER pieces and MORE chips too. Nothing compares to the value of the Big Bite 2 when you’re feeling #HungryLikeALion
We all get hungry so go on and show us your best #HungryLikeALion faces, Mzansi! Post your snaps in the comments!
We’d love to hear your best “Hungry like a LION” – post a vid of you singing it in the comments! #HungryLikeALion ♫♪♫
When you’re feeling #HungryLikeALion, what’s your fave way to tame the beast? Some Dixie deliciousness or a BIG Bite 2?!
Ready, steady, POUNCE! Write on our page and tell us you’re #HungryLikeALion between 11am-2pm and you could win!
However you spend your Sunday, you know where we are when you start to feel #HungryLikeALion!! [ Link ]

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Food envy. Got me like…
Mmmm… Two BIG pieces of tasty chicken and a shisa side of fries. Know your Hungry Lion menu? Tell us the name of this BIG fave…
Paid all your bills for the month yet? Feeling #HungryLikeALion? It’s Pride Bucket Thursday! But what level super fan are you?!
Know the feeling? Tell us you’re #HungryLikeALion between 11am - 2pm for a chance to WIN! Get ready to feast!