Do you know what the Secret Lab is? How to unlock Moby Dick? How to beat the Giant Crab Boss? Find the answers to all of these and more by checking out our FAQ -> [ Link ]
#KeepChomping #StayHungry
Hungry Shark Evolution
02/21/2017 at 18:02. Facebook
Have you already had the pleasure of meeting the enemy Moby Dick? Tell us your experience!
Thanks for the shot Babu Raj! #StayHungry
Hungry Shark Evolution
02/19/2017 at 18:00. Facebook
Brace yourselves! It’s soon gonna be chaos underBWAAAter!! #HungryRabbids
Hungry Shark Evolution
02/18/2017 at 17:54. Facebook
Ready for the tip of the week? At one point we thought he was the biggest thing in the ocean... anyway... he's still the creepiest! #BigDaddy
Hungry Shark Evolution
02/17/2017 at 17:55. Facebook
Need some practice? Why not use Natasha? #StayHungry
Some nice Artwork from our fan Mateo! :D
Happy to announce that we have DOUBLED the Oceana Baby's bonus effect to thank you all for your support with Oceana!!
Treat yourself! It's Valentine's Day Eat as many hearts as you can! #StayHungry
Support the sharks! Help banning the shark fin trade by getting the Oceana Baby pack in the game ❤ #FinBanNow
It's getting hot in here! #SharkFeast
Hungry Sharkers! Tune-in tomorrow at 5PM (GMT) on Twitch or YouTube for a new Chompathon featuring SplumBoy and Sharky Admin! Their mission tomorrow.... defeat the SQUID BOSS.

FROG SHARK! From our fan Andrei :D
Tip of the Week: The Great White Shark! You can also call him Albert :D
They see me rollin'... finish the sentence
Thanks to our fan Pablo for sharing his Moby!
Hello everyone,

We are aware that some of you were not able to participate in this event. We have fixed the problem and have extended the event for another day! Happy Chomping and Happy Chinese New Year!!
It's the year of the Shark!

Wait, no...

it's the year of the Rooster! Get as many Envelopes as you can in one session! #StayHungry
Happy Chinese New Year! Get the best survival time you can during this event!! #StayHungry