Hunter Hayes
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Nerd Alert... Also, music getting closer!
Hunter Hayes
01/15/2017 at 06:37. Facebook
How all serious musicians wind down from a show...

โ€ชYep. It's a thing. Definitely taking over CMT's Instagram story this Saturday night at The Bluebird Cafe! More details to come.โ€ฌ
I love making music. Deeply.
โ€ชWow, THIS FRIDAY... My song, this movie, first time!! So excited you don't even know. Can't wait for you to see it! Monster Trucks Movie
Oh hey guys! Wanted to say thank you so much to everybody who tuned in for our performance on Good Morning America last week! If you missed it, you can check it out here...

Yesterday's Song: [ Link ]
All For You: [ Link ]

Hunter Hayes Performs 'Yesterday's Song'
Facebook. Billboard. Letโ€™s jam? Yโ€™all tune in at 4:30pm EST!
Two BIG surprises:
1) I did an original song for the new movie, Monster Trucks, called โ€œAll For Youโ€
2) Iโ€™m performing it on Good Morning America Thurs! See ya there!
Wow. 2016 was an incredible year! I felt the unbelievable love and support from you guys in so many ways. Thank you for always being there in a big way! Here's to a freaking awesome 2017 for all of you! The best is yet to come! Happy New Year everybody!!!!

: Andy Hawkes Photo
I hope everyone's heart is full of love, peace and joy! Enjoying every blessing life gives you. Merry Christmas everybody!
Another day, another carol! But you'll have to go to to see what it is...
A prolific writer with an incredible mind and a huge heart. Music lost one of its greatest. So devastating. Rest in peace Andrew. The music you gave us will live forever.
Baby It's...Cole...Outside hah.
Yep. All things casual happening here.
May or may not have jammed a bunch of Christmas songs in the studio... Also may or may not be posting one a day until Christmas... Who knows...
That time Charlie Worsham and I tried to get a picture with our dogs...and they weren't really into it lol.
Josh Turner, thanks for stopping by the bus after the show! Always been a huge fan of your music and you! Thanks for being a great dude!
Consider this awkward #TBT photo from a Christmas past one of many gifts to come...stay tuned for something fun kicking off next week!