Jerry was deployed in the Middle East while his wife was pregnant with their third baby. He left thinking everything was going smoothly and the pregnancy was as normal as could be. But it wasn't until Jerry was stationed overseas that he learned the terrifying truth about his wife.

Soldier Thinks Pregnancy Is Going OK. Once He’s Deployed, He Learns Her Ultrasound Changed
Jamie and Emily returned from their relaxing honeymoon in Italy to find their home covered in tens of thousands of sticky notes, from floor to ceiling. And then, on the big screen TV, the newlyweds discovered the one single handwritten note left behind.

They Return From Honeymoon To Find Petsitter Covered Home In Post-Its, Wrote Message On Only One
A cop pulled over single mother Naomi Norelli and asked why her tags were expired. That's when she told him she had to choose between new tags and groceries. The officer gave her a ticket, and Naomi went to work in tears. Later, she saw the same officer standing right there in her workplace — and she couldn't believe what he was holding.

Cops Pull Her Car Over, Then Mom Says ‘It’s Between The Tags And Groceries’
In December 1951, a grandmother screamed from inside a burning house. "Save the children!" she cried. The fire killed the old woman, but thanks to a mysterious stranger, two girls lived. Their family never spoke of the tragedy and the girls grew up never knowing how they survived the fire. 65 years later, one of the girls — now an elderly woman — knocked on her next-door neighbor's door. What...
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Teen Vanishes After Saving Girl. 65 Years Later, She Notices Next-Door Neighbor She’s Never Seen
In 1984, Deborah married a well-respected musician named Clive. Six months later, she left him sleeping in bed, and when she came home, Clive had disappeared. After he was found, doctors revealed to Deborah a truth about her new husband that left her completely stunned.

Bride Has Perfect Wedding. 6 Months Later, Doctor Makes A Chilling Realization About Her Husband
Triplets Are Pregnant At The Same Time, Then Get Ultrasound Results Together On TV

Triplets Are Pregnant At The Same Time, Then Get Ultrasound Results Together On TV
Just before Drew and Gina said their vows, the priest asked their parents to stand. They had no idea why, and even the priest said he had never done anything like this before. When Drew and Gina's parents realized what was actually going on, they were stunned.

Bride And Groom Go To Say Vows, But Suddenly, Priest Tells Their Confused Parents To Stand Up
The stylist had never cut hair this long before, but wait until you see her by the end. She looks like a different person... and in a completely different age group!

She Hasn’t Touched Her Long Hair In 20 Years. Now The Stylist Chops It Off For A Stunning Change
When Ashley Wadleigh takes her kids out to eat, she’s usually not surprised when strangers move away. But when one woman hid her face as her husband sought out a different table, the mother couldn’t help but take it personally. Annoyed, she asked the waiter why the strangers were behaving this way — and his response made her totally change her mind.

Mom Of 3 Takes Kids To Red Robin, But Is Angry When Couple Next To Them Changes Tables
Lt. Jake Osborne found out he was going to be a dad in September, but deployed to Afghanistan in October. Thankfully, they got the moment they met on tape.

Soldier Comes Home To Meet His Daughter, When He Turns The Corner He Freezes
Eric and Rachel White spent over a year trying to conceive their second child, but the couple couldn't get pregnant. They decided to adopt a baby boy named Josiah who was so terminally ill that they were only allowed to adopt him if they had a funeral plan. Then 4 days after they brought him home, Rachel made a stunning discovery. But that was just the beginning.

Infertile Mom Adopts Baby Boy, 4 Days Later, Her Pregnancy Test Is Positive
Whats the best thing to give this Valentines? Read what Dominque from Lover Of 2 Kings gives her husband for Valentines Day and what she was given in return. #ValentinesDay #husbandandwifeforlife #loverof2kings #marriage #couples

Husband and Wife for Life - The Best of Me by Dominique Nealond
Happy LOVE Day!!! #SweetValentines #HusbandandWifeforLife #marriage #couples #LOVE
Three teenage boys were eating at Chick-fil-A when they spotted a homeless man sorting through his change on the table. The teens left the restaurant, only to return a short while later with a video camera — and they headed straight towards the man.

Homeless Man Is Counting Change At Chick-fil-A When 3 Teenagers Drop Heavy Bags Under His Table
Nikki was looking through footage captured in her son's nursery when she noticed her mother standing up his crib in the darkness after having put him down for a nap. Then Nikki rewound the tape...

Mom Stops Scrolling Through Nursery Cam Footage When She Notices Grandma In Baby’s Crib
This bride expected her dad to give a traditional wedding speech, when all of a sudden, he pulled out a cell phone. The second it started ringing, she realized what was going on — and she broke down in tears with her groom by her side.

It’s Time For Dad’s Wedding Speech, But When He Holds Phone To Bride, She Hears A Familiar Voice
This bride and her groom were in the middle of their first dance when, all of a sudden, the music stopped. She was clearly upset, and the DJ quickly announced they would do a live version instead. But when the bride glanced at the stage, she realized what was going on — and her mood shifted to the extreme.

Devastated Bride Thinks DJ Ruined First Dance, Screams ‘Oh My God!’ When She Looks Up On Stage
Lori Vignali was absolutely giddy about telling her husband they were expecting — and thank God she got his adorable reaction on tape!

Husband’s Reaction To Becoming A Dad Leaves His Wife In Tears Of Laughter
Rachel and Chris went to their prenatal appointment, which entailed an ultrasound and pelvic exam. Everything was going according to plan, until Rachel began screaming out in discomfort. Something was burning — and that's when she and Chris realized the doctor made a big mistake. It's no wonder people are obsessed with this video!

Pregnant Mom Feels Burning ‘Down There’ During Ultrasound. OB-GYN’s Mistake Has Them In Hysterics