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Hyper Island
12/08/2016 at 15:48. Facebook
From the dinner table in Sweden to communities in South Africa - Discovering Future-Makers everywhere we go.

Initiating Change - Harnessing the power of Teams and Creative Thinking in South Africa

Hyper Island
yesterday at 08:20. Facebook
Hyper Island alumnus move on to exciting journeys ; be it careers or entrepreneurial ventures. Denisse Ariana Pérez decided to write a book, no less. So if you can, come be a part of this moment in her book release tonight!

Democratize Creativity Book Release

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Hyper Island
12/05/2016 at 19:30. Facebook
82 people interested · 56 going

This is Motion Creative

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Hyper Island
12/02/2016 at 16:11. Facebook
The Hyper Island family is expanding!
We're going into 2017 looking for no less than SEVEN new family members.
Join in the movement or help us find someone you know who'd be a great match!

Work at Hyper Island - Job openings early 2017

Hyper Island
12/01/2016 at 15:51. Facebook
Meet the HI Toolbox.
Here you'll find many activities that will help forge a more connected, creative & high performing team in your organisation.

It's all free, so go on and get busy making a better team today!

Methods & Tools curated by Hyper Island

We asked some students around the world why they decided to embark upon a learning journey in the midst of their careers, and the change they wanted to create in their personal and professional environments.

Read about their thoughts here.

Meet some of our part-time MA students around the world

Hyper Island launched the Experience Design program in Amsterdam earlier this year, aimed at the young and unemployed Dutch graduates.
The first batch of students are already making waves.

Kickstarting your Creative Career with IKEA - Hyper Island lands in Amsterdam

Follow us on a detour of the Hyper Island FESTIVAL - taking place in Stockholm, Sweden, RIGHT NOW!
Job-Tip: Today's Front End Designers don't just 'build interfaces' anymore.
We work across multidisciplinary teams to design user experiences that delight, feel seamless and inspire trust.

Well, with the digital agency Nectima, you get to do just that.
Learn more about what you'll be doing as a front end developer at Nectima.
Enjoy your weekend!

Front-end developer at Nectima

Power corrupts, unfortunately.
A look into the deceptive way in which our society takes shape, along with beliefs, investments and decisions.

The $60 000 000 Peanut - Democracy at Work in Century 21

Our friends at Mentimeter are on the hunt for a new front-end developer to join their team. Could it be you or someone you know?
We’re huge fans of their tool!
Learn more about the role on the Hyper Island job board and pass it on.

[ Hubs.ly Link ]

Front-end developer at Mentimeter

Raw Answers was this year's biggest student run exhibition held in Stockholm. Pictures, impressions and thoughts from it all taken straight from a student's diary.

Explaining Hyper Island to your Mom ... with some Raw Answers - A Student's Voice

Let’s democratize the music industry!
Be the next UX Designer & Digital Creative at Record Union.

UX Designer and digital creative at Record Union

We’re so proud to be part of delivering the Young Leaders Visitors Program (YLVP) together with Svenska Institutet. YLVPs is an intercultural leadership programme for young leaders and change-makers from the Middle East, North Africa and Sweden.

For nearly 10 years, YLVP has been equipping and empowering young leaders working for positive change across the fields of democracy, human rights,...
View details ⇨

Young Leaders Visitors Programme (YLVP) | Swedish Institute

"At the state we're in today, I've learned that you need to be naive enough to believe in what you do and stubborn enough to see it through." - The journeys and reflections of starting a digital nomad agency.

"Meet the nomad "Pop Up" Agency - Creatives of the Future

Work @ Werlabs - Be part of bringing 20th century healthcare into the 21st century.

UX/UI Designer at Werlabs - Stockholm

6 Individuals, 6 Different Passports.
1 Year. 1 Dream.
Serious Business , the Journey.

Expect the Unexpected - A Journey to Meaningful Connections and Work

The Annual Hyper Island Festival is here, and you are invited!
This promises to be a fun filled, eye opening event so secure your free ticket below.

Hyper Island Festival - 26 Nov 2016

“I find it incredible how much algorithms can teach us about ourselves and our consumer behaviours."

Algorithms Can Teach Us About Ourselves - The Power of Automation

Motwo and students at Hyper Island Karlskrona joined forces recently to solve a brief by an NGO. With many tools and ideas, how do you put it all together in finding a good solution?

The Virus - A Measurable Way To Make Best Practices Go Viral From Team To Team.