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Genesis G80, Hyundai-Intrado, Hyundai-iX-Metro or Hyundai i-ioniq.
Which of our concept cars would you like to see in production?
If you’re feeling that after-festive-season-pinch in the ol’ pocket, the i10 has you covered with great fuel efficiency to save you money and get you further in 2017.
The wheels on the Hyundai go round and round! Safe travels back to school, everyone!
On a scale of 1 – blazing, which one raises your temperature? [ Link ]
Are you one to make and stick to New Year’s resolutions? Here’s one for you – own a Hyundai in 2017.
It’s you, our every day champions, that make our world go around, and it’s the wheels on your Hyundai that get you there!
It’s a new year for new adventures and maybe even a new Hyundai! Hello 2017, buckle up, we’re going for a ride.
Where is your Hyundai taking you in 2017?
The Santa Fe is your ultimate road trip vehicle. On road, off road, any road.

With elegance to match it's performance there isn’t much else you can ask for from a car.
New year. New adventures. Where will your Hyundai be taking you in 2017?
Happy holidays from the Hyundai family! We hope you get that Hyundai thats on your wish list!
Take a peek into the interior of the Tucson 1.7 Executive MT Diesel and you could find something that shouldn’t be there.
Six-speed gearbox, 6 airbags and a 5-star Euro NCAP rating.
Those are just 3 of the many reasons to own a Hyundai i30.

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Make sure you keep up with our posts this week. There’s a little surprise in one of our images.

Keep a look out and you could win!
As if summer wasn’t hot enough, we have a few hatches to turn up the heat even more.

Which one of these is your favourite Hottest Hatch? [ Link ]
What are some of your absolute must-have songs on your road trip playlist?
Have you set your foot on the accelerator of the Hyundai Tucson Diesel?

Between the kick of the turbo diesel engine and the gentle purr under the hood, what would excite you most?

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Take the pressure off your holiday expenses with our fantastic H1 deal!
Buy any new Hyundai H1 during December and you could have a payment holiday of up to 5 months.

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