I am a Jamaican
02/18/2017 at 22:03. Facebook
Impressive! 1-2-3 for Jamaica, too. What a race! This is also Elaine's 2nd win (a new personal best 6.98) after 2 races so far this season

Elaine Thompson Wins 60m at Müller Indoor Grand Prix

I am a Jamaican
02/16/2017 at 23:11. Facebook
Stunning done by Phildoeshair instagram/phildoeshair
Another star off to a flying start this 2017 season!

Omar McLeod Wins 60m Hurdles at Millrose Games Indoor

Jamaican Food #Breakfast. What would you take to go? via Proud Jamaicāns via @chefwsimpson [ Instagram.com Link ]
Happy Earthstrong, Tuff Gong! #MARLEY72
Happy Birthday, BOB MARLEY. You will never be forgotten. #Respect

Bob Marley Statue Unveiled in Ethiopia

Love Jamaica! When is your next visit? Labyrinth, St. Mary via Proud Jamaicāns. [ Instagram.com Link ]
Usain Bolt....vibe ..after spending some time with students of the Edwin Allen High School in Jamaica.