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I am a Woman of God
1 hours 3 minutes ago. Facebook
I am a Woman of God
1 hours 36 minutes ago. Facebook
This DIY spray not only smells good, it works. Plus, it contains only one ingredient.

I Didn’t Think It Would Work, But Her Method To Killing Mold Is The Best I’ve Ever Seen

I am a Woman of God
2 hours 8 minutes ago. Facebook
Verse Of The Day: Jeremiah 29:11
I am a Woman of God
3 hours 4 minutes ago. Facebook
God's grace is AMAZING.
When you pray, ask God for wisdom.
Ask God what His plans for you are. If you really want to know He will show you when you're ready.
Be like Christ and spread His love <3
After struggling with foster care for a while, June 8, 2016 was to be a dream come true for 5-year-old Danielle as she prepared to be adopted into her new forever family. Then something magical happened...

Special Little Girl Is Finally Getting Adopted. When She Turns Around I Absolutely Lose It

The major food company just discovered that they made a mistake that could lead to one of their popular holiday food products to cause a severe allergic reaction or even death.

Popular Holiday Staple Being Recalled Nationwide, Could Lead To Death If Consumed

Tammy Van Dyke left her newborn son in the nursery while she got some much needed rest. When she left to take a nap, Tammy didn't think she had anything to worry about. But she was wrong.

After Breastfeeding Baby, New Mom Realizes Hospital Has Made A Devastating Mistake

The more you seek God, crave Him, love Him, the more glorified he becomes <3 It is the love he deserves.
When he sees mom lined up in formation with other returning military personnel, he breaks military rules and runs to his beloved mother, creating an unplanned viral moment. I love this! <3

Mom In Uniform Can’t Help It When She Sees Her Baby, Breaks Protocol. I Can’t Stop Smiling

This robber picked the WRONG convenience store to try to knock off!

This Robber Learned Why You Shouldn't Mess With a Country Boy

All Christians should memorize this prayer! It's that powerful
Forget spending a day hacking away.. this is so much easier!

How to Easily Remove a Tree Stump For a Bargain