After John Wilkie hit the ground, he tried to recover and stumbled towards the finish line, dazed and bleeding. That's when these "angels" stepped in to help...

73-Yr-Old Veteran Slammed Into Pavement During Marathon, Then 2 Strangers Swoop In To Save Him.
Show your love for Jesus to others just as Jesus showed the world his love for you!
As Allison and Josh were driving to the hospital for the birth of their adopted son, their attorney calls and says, "Does Josh have both hands on the steering wheel?"
Nothing could have prepared them for the news she was about to deliver . . .

Couple Rushes To Hospital To Adopt Newborn, Adoption Attorney Delivers Startling News
I love that the CEO of Google took the time respond! This little girl is going places...

7-Yr-Old Sends “Google Boss” Job Application, But CEO Responds With Priceless Letter.
I've always loved this song, and no one sings it quite like him. Truly the voice of an angel.

Everyone Knows This Popular Song, But Very Few Actually Know Who Sang It
When this husband heard what his wife planned to do, he wrote this heart-wrenching tribute to share her sacrifice with the world...

Doctor Tells Couple Their Unborn Baby Will Die, Then Mom Stuns Husband With Selfless Question.
Jesus is my savior!
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I am a Woman of God
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We Serve An AWESOME GOD!! I Am SO Grateful For All The Blessings He Has Given Me, But I Am Most Thankful For My Relationship With Him! What Are You Most Thankful For?
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At first it looked strange, then I realized it was actually an incredible piece of art. Wow!

He Lines Up 66,000 Cups With Water One By One, Then The Camera Slowly Zooms Out [video]
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Thank you Lord, you provide all my daily needs in every which way!
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Tiffaney is a new woman and is virtually unrecognizable. Because of the lifestyle changes and the drastic gastric surgery, Tiffaney has shed more than 240 pounds. Hear her story...

Photo Of Mom Is Going Viral, Finally Hear The Truth Behind It From Her Mouth [photos]
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Prepare yourself for some irresistibly cute moments that you’re going to want to share with your loved ones!

Video: Dad Doesn’t Think His Wife Will Believe Him So He Starts Filming As Proof
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Now she is publicly going back to her Christian roots with the release of her new gospel album, “Sing It Now: Songs Of Faith & Hope”. Are you a fan?

Reba Nails It ‘We gotta give this world back to God. You gotta get down on your knees, believe’
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This method is easy and uses only two ingredients and can start working immediately – especially since you have those ingredients in your kitchen.

I Had No Idea How Easy It Is To Remove Unwanted Aging Spots From Your Skin At Home [video]