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Lynsi Snyder, president of In-N-Out Burger, is now talking openly about her past in hopes to encourage those that are struggling to find hope.
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"Is it writing? Is it a business idea? Is it a phone call you need to make? Is it a lifestyle change? Take one tiny step toward that today. Put words on paper."

Why you should stop what you’re doing and do something better

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"So many of us repeat and recycle ineffective or destructive ways of operating in the world because we have stifled our laments."

Why pretending your pain will go away doesn’t work

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Cece Sims seemed to be a pretty confident college basketball player, but that's not she saw herself. Afraid to let others down, she hid her real dreams and passions.

CeCe Sims tells her story in short film

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She felt unwanted, unloved, and alone. But she hid her pain from the rest of the world. Esther Fleece's honesty in our new White Chair Film is refreshing.

"Deep down, I wondered what the point was of feeling my painful feelings. Was there any benefit? For me, faking fine was the best way to deal."

What an abusive childhood taught me about coping

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"Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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"As broken people living in a broken world, there will be days where we are left with the option of either faking happiness or admitting to those around us that our day has been far from perfect."

Why acting happy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Your story may not be pretty right now, but keep hanging on. Your story isn't over yet.

Watch Esther Fleece's inspiring story in our new White Chair Film. iamsecond.com/estherfleece
Have you felt like nobody would ever love the real you? Are you too afraid to deal with the pain of your past?

This short film is for you.

Esther Fleece

“You design your life to look a certain way, and then, your worst nightmare happens.”

Esther Fleece opens up about the life she faked for years in her new White Chair Film

Our NEW White Chair Film is now LIVE.

Her dad was abusive and stalked her. Her mom kicked her out of the house. She was alone and afraid. Esther Fleece, author and speaker, bravely opens up about the life she faked for years.

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Esther Fleece began noticing the bruises on her mother's body and how she and her mom would often flee their home suddenly to go stay in hotels. Her dad, the man she thought of as a hero, quickly became the most dangerous person she knew.

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"So here’s what I do during the funk..."

How to fight feelings of futility

We are so excited to watch one of our Seconds, Lauren Scruggs, on People Icons tonight on ABC Television Network. Her White Chair Film is so inspiring!
Esther Fleece, author and speaker, was tired of faking it. She didn't want to paste on a smile anymore. The pain she experienced from love as a child was damaging, so how could she know what true love really looked like?

If you relate, do not miss her amazing story this Thursday, March 16, at iamsecond.com