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"Sunlight through the rain" by fan Matt Burke‎
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On the weekend of 11 March 2017, Amsterdam Oost takes centre stage at 24H Oost. Head to diverse neighbourhoods in the east of Amsterdam to enjoy a wealth of workshops, guided tours, performances, food and drink, music and parties!

24H Oost | I amsterdam

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A code orange weather alert has been issued for Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. A strong storm has been predicted for this afternoon with winds of 100-120 km/h.

Fewer trains will depart nationwide and train schedules have been adjusted accordingly.

Exercise caution when outdoors. Avoid parks - in particular the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest) - due to falling...
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Code Orange weather warning - 23 February 2017 | I amsterdam

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As the world famous Keukenhof flower gardens ready themselves for another season of breathtaking blooms, we take a look back at some of the most memorable themes of the past ten years.

A look back at 10 years of Keukenhof themes | I amsterdam Blog

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We love sharing our fan photos! Today's photo is by fan Lot Grips. Share yours!‎
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Oh Amsterdam, you are so beautiful!

(Photo by Daniele Imperio)
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Innovation in Amsterdam: building, beer and blue jeans!

Innovation In Amsterdam: Buildings, Beer And Blue Jeans

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Check out our top 20 list of things to do in Amsterdam. What would you add?

Top 20 things to do in Amsterdam | I amsterdam

We asked Dutch photographer Koen Smilde to take over our Instagram account for 5 days and show us the beauty of Amsterdam Noord. The results were incredible. Below is snapshot of his work!

(Photos: Koen Smilde Fotografie)
To truly experience Amsterdam be sure to head out beyond the borders of the city centre and explore the Amsterdam Area. Discover the best day trips from Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Area: day trips from Amsterdam | I amsterdam

Amsterdam Rediscovered: 6 Reasons to visit now!

Amsterdam Rediscovered: 6 Reasons To Visit Now

Biking and the snow can get a little tricky- but nothing stops Amsterdammers from their daily (cycling) routines!

(Photo/ Tommy Pauws‎)
Although it's now long gone, Amsterdam's snow made for a picturesque weekend!

Video: Gosse Bouma


"Forget Paris: Amsterdam might just be Europe's most romantic city."

The most romantic city in Europe

Do you know where you can find this bookish building in Amsterdam?
It was a gorgeous ❄❄ snowy afternoon in Amsterdam! Share your pics!
No trip to the city is complete without stopping by one of Amsterdam's world-famous museums. Which is your favourite?

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"Prinseneiland, the hidden village in the city. I've lived here for most of my time in Amsterdam and feel I live in a postcard most days." - Silvia Owen
Here are just some of the reasons why Amsterdam is one of the best places in Europe for a fun-filled family break.

5 reasons why Amsterdam is the greatest city in Europe with kids | I amsterdam Blog