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Just to let you know, it’s only 22 sleeps until Halloween a.k.a one of the scariest nights of the year (if you’re 8). To get you in a spooky frame of mind, I’m going to tell you a story. The year is 2012, and you’re in an unknown Russian town. You’re in your car, driving …

Video Of Man 'Teleporting' Onto Road In Russia Has The Internet Baffled

We live in a time where messages are instant, replies are expected and communication is everywhere. Even on beaches, it seems, as one young teenager found himself a message in a bottle. Hampshire-born Robbie Chappell, 13, was walking along the beach with his dog when he found a Heineken bottle with…

Teenage Boy Finds 'World's Worst Message In Bottle' Written By Guys On Cocaine

Donald Trump's campaign has imploded in the last 48 hours since the release of an audio clip in which he talked about women in a manner that liberals find demeaning. Since then, the GOP has turned on Trump with many top Republicans withdrawing their support from him. Last night, Trump emerge

Trump Emerges From Trump Tower - What Happens Next Will SHOCK You

Donald Trump's presidential campaign has been turned upside down this weekend after an audio clip was released in which he talked about women in a supposedly demeaning manner. Since then, the GOP has turned on Trump and top Republicans are withdrawing their endorsements of him left and right.

BREAKING: Trump's Campaign Chief Turns On Him - He's Heartbroken

Rumor has it that Ivanka Trump will not be attending tonight's presidential debate in St. Louis. Ivanka is apparently devastated by her father's recently uncovered tape where he talks about kissing women without their consent, and "grabbing 'em by the pussy". Furthermo

BREAKING: Ivanka Trump Is OUT ... FURIOUS Over Her Father's "LEWD" Remarks [DETAILS]

The second presidential debate is currently underway, and though the mainstream media has been saying that Donald Trump has no chance of winning, the audience that is watching the debate is making clear that they are firmly behind them. Within the first thirty minutes of the debate, the audience

BOOOOM! Something HUGE Just Happened on the Debate Stage

When James Hubbard broke into a New Jersey home, he went into the guest room. Then he does the unthinkable. The burglar hides under her bed.

Burglar Hides Under Her Bed for Three Days. But It’s What He’s Doing with His 4 Phones That’ll Make You Sick

Getting dinner with your family is supposed to be a time to bond and enjoy some food. Teeneshia Bush brought her 15-year-old son to Wendy’s for dinner one night. He ordered their food and was confused when everyone behind the counter laughed at him. It wasn’t until he saw the name written on his rec...

Mom Brings Teen Son To Wendy’s But He’s Horrified When He Reads ‘Name’ On The Receipt

Many people mistake a dog’s fear for violence, especially when it comes to Pit Bulls. Due to the widespread misconception about this breed, most people tend to get a bad vibe when around them. Greg Heynen felt the same way about his wife’s Pit Bull/Labrador mix the moment he met him. When Greg and h...

He WARNED His Wife's Pit Bull Would HARM His Newborn, She Didn't Listen. Then THIS Happened!

Their menu actually looks pretty amazing, and they have organic options.

This Drive-Thru Salad Bar Is Looking To Change How We Think About Fast Food

They're everywhere. In the woods, in children's playgrounds, in empty parking lots and alleyways. Maybe even writing this article. Maybe right behind you. Creepy clown...

Could All These Creepy Clowns Just Be Marketing For The 'It' Reboot?

The fuzzy, warm feeling of nostalgia is enough alone to raise excitement levels for the upcoming Power Rangers movie. The hit series became staple viewing for '90s kid...

It's Only Taken 20 Years, But Finally, Here's The New 'Power Rangers' Movie Trailer!