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Pasta is often seen as one of the toughest Italian trademarks there is. It’s often seen that in order to make the perfect pasta dish, you have to be a grandmother living in Italy. However, while it certainly takes a lot of skill and some culinary talent, making the perfect pasta is a bit easier than...

Father And Son Invent The Easiest Homemade Pasta Recipe Of All Time

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Confidence can take you pretty far, but it has to be backed up by talent. When this 18-year-old stepped into the audition room, he set out to prove himself. “I’ll tell you something. I am good!” Justin tells his friends in the video below, posted on September 21, 2013, as they wait outside on line f...

Judges Doubt Teen Can Cover Whitney Houston Hit, Then He Collapses When He Hears Their Critiques

There are countless gadgets that get us through our days. Our phones are probably the first things that come to mind, especially if you’re like me and use them as your alarm clock in the morning. But if we really take a moment to look back on our daily activities, we would find even more common mech...

15 Absolutely Bizarre Patents From Inventors Who Got Way Too Creative

The "Desperate Housewives" actress is growing up to be a star in her own right.

This Is How Demi Lovato's Little Sister Looks Now

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What better way to sell your product than to make the packaging appealing? With a dash of creativity, these companies are putting a fun twist on their product and brand. The packages are not only appealing, they can also uplift our mood when we’re feeling down. Cool and creative packaging makes all…

17 creative and funny package designs that will instantly put a smile on your face

Don't waste your precious time this winter scraping and scratching ice off of your windshield! There's a simple trick that will make your mornings so much easier!

This Trick Will Defost Your Windshield in Seconds

Not getting enough battery life? Here's what you need to know.

These 10 Things Are DRAINING Your Phone Battery...And You Had No Idea

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Mary Ryan always believed in the supernatural, although her husband Andrew was never quite convinced. That is until she showed him a photo she snapped while visiting the Tower of London in the United Kingdom. The mother of two was visiting with her daughters, when a snapshot of her 16-year-old daugh...

Mom Snaps A Photo Of Daughter, Then Notices ‘Ghost’ Standing Behind Her

It’s always amazing when someone reveals a hidden talent, and many were absolutely blown away one day when a young sales clerk at a Dollar General store in Lansing, Michigan started to sing out of nowhere. His voice and its raw power quickly blew the customers away, and one person decided to snag th...

Cashier sings Maxwell's "Ascension" while working. Then customer asks if she can record him