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This sums it up !
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The age old Doordarshan and the advertisements on it ... complete Nostalgia
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How many of you love Traveling ? Name the most beautiful destination ...
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The bad thing about big Metropolitan cities in India, is the so-called upper class does not leave any chance to bully or make fun of middle class - their way of life, how they speak English and how they dress ....

Good to hear that Kangana took this stupid Karan by his horns.

Koffee with Karan season 5: How Fearless Kangana overpowered biggies like Johar and Saif

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The business of Medicines is more dirtier then the Arms and ammunition....
no one has dared to challenge them in any part of the world where a disease is an opportunity to make money ...
And maybe diseases are also man made... a question comes to my mind ....

Meet the lawyer who fought to cap price of coronary stent for heart at Rs 30,000

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Macho Man Jacki .. from the archives .... girls then used to be crazy about him ... is there someone who were in reality ???
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Hahah another one from the Archives ... Liril girls used to rule the 90s... have you seen this ADV, have you ever bathed with Liril... do you remember the aroma of Liril
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Gems ... how many have you grown up eating gems ... love to see you here
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How many of you have actually used Cinthol soap, and how many have you seen this ad in 80s .... message here
Its you who decides your Karma ...
All 104 satellites achieve successful separation!!
ISRO rocks! !
India Rocks.......... Jai Hind
How many have you seen this Advertisment in 90s, and how many of you had an Ambassador car .... Type in your message with some great memories of Amby cars.... we will love to hear from you
Its a day to express Love, What is your Plan lovely people ...
Happy Valentines Day to all my Friends ... Day dedicated for spreading Love ...
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