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Mummy Ji - Chappal hi marro inko
I Love Delhi
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Happy Mothers Day ....
I Love Delhi
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Good Morning
I Love Delhi
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Good Morning
I Love Delhi
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hahahahaaa.... thats true
Kya aap ki wife ...?
Roll to the beats of Delhi Drum Circle (DDC)

Vibrancy of music, dance and camaraderie, that’s Delhi Drum Circle for you! These jam sessions takes place on alternate Saturdays and people with any form acoustic instrument are welcome to join. Sitting in a circle mimicking the African tribes, the group plays in harmonious tunes and all the people present are indulged in a melange of dance and...
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Just can't beat this guy when it comes to execution and wise application of country resources ...

"Hospital on wheels"

World biggest rail network can now send world best doctors to rurals...to places asking for medical emergencies like effected by natural disasters/ accidents/bombing/war.....etc.......

Salute to our prime minister #narenderamodi
And the Railway Minister Mr Suresh Prabhu
This one is tooo funny .. someone forwarded to me on whatsup ... i dont know if Viru has written that but it has some steel in it
Light & Sound Show at Old Fort

Old fort and the zoo nearby are amongst the best picnic spots in Delhi for family. But a visit in the evenings will astound you beyond words as you enjoy the spectacular display of history in form of a light and sound show.

Timings: The show is held from 7 pm – 8 pm onwards in hindi and 8:30 pm – 9.30 pm in english.
Cost: The tickets are priced at INR 80 for...
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Range Barse ... Holi Hai ...
Happy Holi to everyone ...
Travel to the space at Nehru Planetarium

A popular picnic spot in Delhi amongst school kids, Nehru Planetarium is sure to charm you if you are an astronomical fan! Spend the afternoon escaping into the galaxy far far away at the Nehru Planetarium. Be charmed by the stars, planets and the solar systems in the sky show.


English show is at 11:30 AM and 3:00 PM
Hindi Shows are at 1:30...
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AAP over confidence ...
kya AAP is winning state elections in Punjab, Goa and UP.

I always felt that Kheju is a big drama on TV, and I see that majority of people see him the same way .... VOTES speak ..

I think he has been punished for making derogatory comments on our PM again and again..
Explore the Delhi points of interest with HoHo Bus Tour

One of the most entertaining and fun activities to do in Delhi is leaving your car at home and instead exploring the entire city on the purple coloured hop on, hop off bus. The bus covers over 19 different destinations in the city. You can get off wherever you like and stay as long as you want, as the bus goes from one attraction to...
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Delhi Eye at Kalindi Kunj
Amusement parks sure fall on the list of fun places in Delhi. Imagine spending a day on wild rides and water games. Check out the exciting rides at Entertainment City, the water slides and pools at Splash Water park or the giant Ferris wheel aka Delhi Eye at Kalindi Kunj.
Multi-tasking is a speciality, only Women have mastered....
though one photo is missing in it ... nagging the husband ....