I Love Ireland
02/14/2017 at 09:42. Facebook
Then again, some people are more practical....
Happy Valentine's Day.... luv.
I Love Ireland
02/14/2017 at 07:59. Facebook
Happy Valentive's Day to everyone.
What are you plans for today.?
Dinner (in/out), Roses, Chocolates, or something special.....
A massive well done to Galwayman Gavan Hennigan Adventurer . He just broke the world record for rowing across the Atlantic SOLO in The 5,000km @Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Row Challenge! and also managed to beat teams of 3 and 4 rowers!

#rowgavrow #twac2016

Absolute Legend!
A picture paints a thousand words.
Another top tourist attractions in Ireland - Guinness Storehouse
Have you been there. What did you think.?
One of the top tourist attractions in Ireland - Cliffs of Moher.
Have you been there yet.?
Have you made a New Year's Resolution.?
Go on.... go on.... go on.... and do it.
Happy New Year to our friends and fans all over the world.
Anything special planned for 2017.
Where are you celebrating the New Year.? Have one on us......
Can't wait.... I hope the Shamrock survives the cold weather.
Win a Walking Stick from Derryhick Sticks - Shillelagh.
Perfect Christmas present for an outdoor person.
To Enter : LIKE Page, SHARE post, TAG a friend.
Handcrafted : Created by nature - finished by hand.
How can 10 companies control so much of what we eat.
As the supertrawler 'Margiris' steams towards Ireland today are we set to see a repeat of the dolphin slaughter witnessed last year?
Let's all wish Katie Taylor well in the Pro Boxing ranks.
What a great ambassador for Ireland and Irish Sport.
Katie has had a distinguished amateur career - Irish Athletic Boxing Association. No doubt she will bring up the profile of women's boxing worldwide.
Michael D Higgins has started building a wall around Ireland to keep Donald Trump and Brexit away from Ireland...
Would you donate a block or an hour of your time.?
Can't get a better offer than that..... FREE BEER.
Check out the comments ..... brilliant! Ireland is full of comedians!

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