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It's so delicious, you'll honestly want drink all the soup!

Afuri's Mouthwatering 'Yuzu' Ramen | All About Japan

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Kyoto has plenty of curry restaurants, from genuine Indian curry to Japanese-style curry. Here are 5 restaurants that you should definitely try when you're craving excellent curry.

5 Recommended Curry Restaurants Around Kyoto Station

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Out of all dishes in Japanese cuisine, tempura (deep-fried seafood and vegetables in light batter) boasts of being one of the most popular, especially among tourists. Here are five shops near Kyoto Station where you can eat some delicious tempura.

Top 5 Tempura Shops Near Kyoto Station

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Nagoya is an area that has a unique food culture. There are plenty of souvenirs that you should buy in Nagoya Station. Here are 5 of them.

5 Souvenirs You Should Buy at Nagoya Station

Explore the Wonderland of Eastern Hokkaido with the Eastern Hokkaido Sightseeing Bus: [ Visit-eastern-hokkaido.jp Link ]
The JNTO TIC (Tourist Information Center) offers tourism information and free cultural experiences for visitors to Japan. Learn the basics of origami and shodo (calligraphy), or try on a Kimono and pose in front of the giant bamboo Kadomatsu decorations (on display until January 7).

[ Jnto.go.jp Link ]
Temaki sushi or hand-rolled sushi is perfect for dinner parties. Here are some tips on making your own sushi. Anyone can make it with the right instructions!

Anyone can make it! How To Make Temaki Sushi (Hand-Rolled Sushi)

Prep your taste buds before your trip!

Craving a taste of Japan before you embark on journey to Japan? Why not try your hand at a few dishes before you go? Taste of Japan ([ Tasteofjapan.jp Link ] [ Youtube.com Link ] has recipes to get you started, and a list of Japanese restaurants worldwide for those who would rather have someone else do the cooking.

Once in Japan, get the authentic...
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Karaage (deep-fried chicken)

Seasoned chicken is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Drain the marinated chicken before frying is the key for crispy taste.

These are 5 shops you should definitely stop by when you visit Akihabara.

5 Recommended Shops in Akihabara

Make sure to get this App before visiting Nara! You will get a movie guide from the priest/priestess of Todaiji-temple and Kasuga shrine, introducing their history, culture and how to worship. Supports English,Chinese,Korean.

Please down load here: [ Apple.com Link ]

Nara Audio Guide

The "Sendai Shopping Festival" will be held from December 17th to February 12th.

Sendai is located in the Tohoku area in northern Japan, and is largest city in the area. Please enjoy food and souvenirs unique to Sendai, as well as communicating with the locals.
An opening event will be held from 13:00 on December 17th. Samurai will be making an appearance at the event! Please make sure to...
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SENDAI Shopping Festival

Yatsuhashi are one of the most popular traditional sweets sold in Kyoto. They come in two varieties: a crispy baked version, or a soft, sweet-bean-paste filled steamed version known as ‘nama’ (raw or unbaked) yatsuhashi. Next time you are in Kyoto try the Yatsuhashi making tour.

Make and eat traditional sweets in Kyoto

I could write a book on all the great places to eat out at over here but let’s keep it simple for now, I have chosen 4 hot spots you just have to try when you come to the one and only Okinawa.

Eating Out in Okinawa: All You Can Eat & Cook & Eat

If you happen to visit Hiroshima, there's one thing you shouldn't miss out on your itinerary: a culinary adventure!

5 Must-try Foods in Hiroshima

The temple is two things: one of the seven great temples of Nara and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Nara's Yakushi-ji Temple: A Healing Temple

The prestigious Michelin Guide has just launched a new “Michelin Green Guide Tohoku” website!

English: [ Michelin.com Link ]
French: [ Michelin.fr Link ]

Travel Guide Tohoku - The Michelin Green Guide

The Annual British Columbia Japanese Speech Contest is open to British Columbia and Yukon residents who speak Japanese as a foreign or second language. The 2017 Contest will be held on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at the Asian Centre, University of British Columbia.

Get your application form and contest guidelines at: [ Asia.ubc.ca Link ]

2017 BC Japanese Speech Contest | Department of Asian Studies

Did it ever happen to you to hesitate about eating a Japanese dish because you weren't sure how exactly you should eat it? This article intends to solve such problems. Check out what is the correct way to eat sushi, tempura and other dishes!

How to Eat 12 Popular Japanese Dishes Correctly | MATCHA - JAPAN TRAVEL WEB MAGAZINE

Enjoy Wonderful Shopping for 90 Days.
Japan Shopping Festival is held from December 1st until the end of February for guests visiting Japan. To those scheduled to come to Japan, check for details before coming to Japan. In addition to enjoying attractive sales and bargains, you have a chance to win attractive Japan prizes by entering Japan Shopping Festival Special Lucky Draw.
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