I Love Lucy
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Whose birthday is the gang celebrating in this episode?
I Love Lucy
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Why are there chickens in the Ricardo's apartment?
I Love Lucy
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Well Lucy always want to be in the show and this time is looks like she got her wish. Who can tell us the name of Little Ricky's school play?
I Love Lucy
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How many baby chics did Lucy purchase to start her "egg-laying" business?
Happy St. Patty's day to all of our Irish friends! Let's face it, you don't get more Irish than McGillicuddy!
Caption this photo!
Mondays after Daylight Saving time begins…
What just happened?
Why is Ricky wearing a wig in this scene?
Tell us where the gang is headed in this episode!
In the "Lucy is Jealous" episode, can you tell us what Lucy & Ethel are talking about in this scene?
Happy birthday to the late, great William Frawley! Although he is best known for his work in I Love Lucy, he performed both on-stage and television with over 100 films on his resume.
This episode is celebrating its 65th anniversary…who can name it?
So would you want to live on the "hers" side or the "his" side of the apartment from the "Men are Messy" episode?
Lucy FINALLY gets her big break in the pictures! Who watched the colorized version of this episode over the holidays?
Can anyone tell us the name of the restaurant the foursome had dinner at and why are Lucy & Ethel doing dishes?
Happy 65th Anniversary to "The Ballet" episode! What was the name of the dance studio and the instructors name?
Happy birthday to Mary Jane Croft! Tell us your favorite Betty Ramsey episode…this is ours!
Happy birthday, Ernee Ford! Did you know that Ernie Ford was the celebrity that appeared the most times on the I Love Lucy show?
If you had a choice, would you have chosen to wear Lucy's or Ethel's Paris gown?