I Love Lucy
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How much were Mr. and Mrs. Craig robbed of in "Lucy Cries Wolf?
I Love Lucy
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Lucy's up to her usual antics…who is Buffo the Clown and what does Lucy do to get in the act at the Tropicana this time?
I Love Lucy
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Caption this photo!
I Love Lucy
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Tell us who's birthday is today...here's a hint...there are actually two!
I Love Lucy
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I Love Lucy
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I Love Lucy
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Why are the girls being so emotional?
It's so tasty too…tastes just like candy! Name the ingredients included in Vitameatavegamin?
Who can tell us the television commercial that you have recently seen this image of Lucy & Ricky?
Tell us which gender do you think had it harder in the early 1900's and why!
How much rice did Ricky prepare for dinner in the “Job Switching” episode?
Tell us your favorite Lucy & Ricky moment.
What city does the gang visit in this episode?
Why can't Lucy seem to stay awake in this episode?
These three obviously aren't taking selfies…so who's Fred taking a picture of?
What are these three up to now?
Can you believe that this episode first aired on New Year's Eve sixty-five years ago? Name it!