Dreams are fascinating...
They always knew Stanley was special, they just never realized how special!

Special-Needs Dog Gets Patience And Love From Forever Family

When Karen agreed to take in a stray dog, she knew she was in for a surprise. She just didn't know how HUGE the surprise would be.

Pregnant Dog Is Rescued Just 3 Weeks Before Giving Birth

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No doubt! Can you relate?

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Abused, 3-Pawed Dog Couldn’t Walk, Then Her New Owners Created A Custom Wagon

Awww.... get some rest little buddy ;)
Snow shuts down Oregon Zoo, so worker skis to check on animals and this is what he finds:

Snow Shuts Down Oregon Zoo, So Worker Skis To Check On Animals And This Is What He Finds

Sandy was with her owner at a deer lodge in Montana, when she somehow wandered away from camp. When she was discovered nearly a month later, her owner couldn't believe his eyes.

Dog Is Lost In Woods For 1 Month, Owner Breaks Down When He Sees How Different She Looks After

If you love dogs, you absolutely need to read this! So glad I know.

Do You Know What It Means If A Dog Is Wearing A Yellow Ribbon? You Should!

Oscar was found living his very own version of hell on Earth, spending his days in an abandoned house before he could run off at night to find food and water.

He was ignored by everyone until the day a rescuer spotted him.

Dog Found Living His Own Version Of Hell Is Too Weak To Run From Rescuers

A lot of people don't believe that dogs have feelings, but when you look at these puppies, you'll see it in their eyes!

Cops Rescue 526 Puppies From A Monster. One Year Later, The Rescue Dogs Reunite