We should never have trusted Julia Morris with our biggest secrets... Jan 29
Chair goals

We've started rehearsals which can only mean one thing - 1 week to go!
With only eight days until our brand new season, itโ€™s time for a heartfelt apologyโ€ฆ Jan 29
Clues, clues and more clues! Can you guess who's going into the African jungle in 2017?

#ImACelebrityAU starts 7.00 Sunday January 29 on TEN
[SPOILER ALERT]: Why have our celebs agreed to face the African jungle? Here they are to spill the beansโ€ฆ

Weโ€™re almost back! 7.00 Sunday January 29 on TEN.
Dr Chris Brown, we really need to talk about your new wardrobe...
One of Australiaโ€™s most beautiful women is going into the jungle! Can you figure out who? Jan 29
Jungle Airways is now boarding. Please keep all celebrities stowed safely in the overhead compartments. โœˆ Jan 29
Our 10 celebs are getting ready to check into the world's most exclusive hotel (But it's not quite what they're expecting...) Jan 29
CLUE 9: Itโ€™s almost our Famous Australian Actorโ€™s time to shine. Who will it be? Jan 29
There's still 17 days until our premiere episode. We know it's tough, but we want you to hang in there. And to help you get by, we've uploaded our entire previous season to tenplay - to laugh at, to cry at... to cringe at. Enjoy.

Series Two | I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

CLUE 8: The jungle is a harsh reality, so how will this firecracker fare? Jan 29
Australia... It's simply been far too long since we last saw you.

To make it right, we're BACK 7.00 Sunday January 29 on TEN. #ImACelebrityAU
A singing sensation is set to make her jungle debut. Will she be a hit with their celebrity campmates?
#ImACelebrityAU, coming soon to TEN.
CLUE 6: Itโ€™s no laughing matter... An Aussie comedian is set to take the #ImACelebrityAU stage. Any guesses?
CLUE 5: With a number of Top 10 hits under her belt, which Pop Diva is checking into the African jungle? #ImACelebrityAU
The race is on to guess which OLYMPIAN is speeding into the African jungle. Can you guess who it is?
#ImACelebrityAU, coming soon to TEN
Caught our Series 3 trailer on the airwaves?
Peer behind the curtain in our behind the scenes special: [ Bit.ly Link ]
From all of us here at #ImACelebrityAU, we wish you the merriest of Christmases! See you in the new year, jungle bunch.