With jokes like that, you'll make a fine Dad, Dane.
SUNDAY: We’re off to the MOVIES in one of our BIGGEST TRIALS EVER, with a Lisa Curry performance that’s not to be missed.
#ImACelebrityAU 7.00 Sunday on TEN
Welcome to Jungle Complaints Anonymous

Extended: Burning Issues

Ever wondered how we count your Tucker Trial votes? ????
FACEBOOK EXCLUSIVE: Honorary Australian Carson Kressley deciphers our list of Aussie slang words.
"When I sing, it takes everything away." Casey Donovan
Jungle besties Keira and Steve made some new friends today
No. Naaa-ooooo? No-ow. Nooooo? No. Nooooooo? No. No-aaaaoooo? No.

Nailed it Carson
TONIGHT: It’s KEIRA vs her bestest enemy STEVE in the trial, and the loser is in for a really nasty twist
#ImACelebrityAU 7.30 on TEN.
"The dinner last night was the final straw."

Should Steve say the magic words?
Keira faced the most difficult and dangerous trial we've ever created, and absolutely smashed it
The things you do for your terrifying campmates
Jeez, Keira and Naz are acting like this is the end of the world or something

#ImACelebrityAU 7.30 tonight.
From Queer Eye to Ellen, we're so happy Carson has joined our Jungle Bunch
[Voting for this trial has now closed] Tucker Trial voting is open, you know what to do - post a campmate's hashtag in the comments below
"One thing that puzzles me is I can't leave me tracksuit pants on the floor next to me bed." Domestic bliss is a myth Dane Swan
*Grabs whole bucket*
They came, they gagged, they sacrificed three stars, they conquered. A ballsy #TuckerChewsday for our campmates!
The floods have swept away our trial area, but relocation won’t save Keira from tucking in.

#ImACelebrityAU 7.30 tonight on TEN.
Show us your teeth this Tuesday!