People see strange things in the sky all the time. From UFOs to angels, people tend to see some fantastic things above us. But the things that come down from the sky aren't always fantastic: they're outright terrifying, especially when there's no explanation for them.

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A story about a girl who decided to put her boyfriend to the test is going viral. She wrote a letter and hid under the bed, and then... Check out the story and see what happened.

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Check out what these trolls did to their girlfriends that totally proves they're not getting lucky tonight. These guys are definitely not boyfriend material!

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Are you scared of water? Don’t look at these pics if you are!

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You can meet all sort of people while driving an Uber car. Some of them are drunk, others are suspicious, and sometimes even the driver can be the one with a problem. Here are some of the funniest stories from Uber drivers and customers.

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Someone recently posted this McDonald's puzzle on Facebook and thousands of people were confused and couldn't solve it. Try to solve it and see if you got it right.

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Most people say that they love their kids more than anything in the world and that they are happy to have them. Yet, there are still those who regret their decision to start a family. Some of them were too young, some of them wanted to focus on other things, and some just don't think they are good p...

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Creative parents Lilly and Leon Orson came up with an idea to recreate their favorite movie and TV scenes to entertain their baby. A young couple recently moved from Melbourne to Sydney, Australia, and got left with a lot of spare cardboard boxes. The boxes were a perfect source of inspiration for s...

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For parents on a budget, even the most basic of motorized toys can still cost an arm and a leg. This amazing dad started with an old motorized scooter and built something incredible for his daughter. He found a way to transform an old motorized scooter he found on eBay into an epic car for his daugh...

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