One high school senior couldn’t stand to see the girls at his school feeling left out and decided to do something about it.

This Teen Worked 3 Jobs So He Could Afford A Valentine Flower For Every Girl At School
What do you think? God works in many ways!

God Winks: Messages From Beyond the Grave
What we need today is to dream and Dolly Parton is just the woman for the job. I had no idea - what a star!

Dolly Parton Will Send Your Child Free Books Because She’s The Best
The terrible disease affects so many people across the globe, and while McDermott is still struggling with the day to day, they’ve found a way to bring their family together through little moments.

Dad with Alzheimer's forgets who his family is. Then son finds a way to help him remember
The thing is, this image we have of 2016 as the ultimate nightmare is totally unfounded. There have been a ton of positive news stories that have been kept out of the papers or outright ignored. All it takes is a cursory glance at the latest headlines, and you can plainly see that there have been lots of heartwarming incidents happen this year that you’ve probably not heard about, and we’ve...
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12 Images That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year
The answer is faith, hope and love that only parents can grasp.

This Couple’s Love for Their Unborn Son Broke My Heart.
After Veterans saw a viral photo of a disabled teen paying his respects to America, they wanted to reach out.

Homeless Man Makes Selfless Sacrifice To Help Young, Stranded Couple
Ana came home and noticed the couches had been moved and her belongings were scattered everywhere. She instantly knew someone had been inside her house. But when Ana ran to check on a small purple box, she stood frozen in shock.

Mom Sees Living Room In Disarray, But Is Horrified When She Runs To Grab Stillborn Baby’s Box
Not only is Mark Lowry’s argument with an atheist hilarious but he also brings up an excellent point…

Mark Lowry Finds Out An Atheist Is Over At His House – What Happens Next Is Too Funny!
As new parents, sometimes our ability to engage in good ol’ fashion romance is overpowered by the need to prevent our babies and toddlers from unintentionally causing bodily harm to themselves. Enjoy it for as long as you can, since it will be at least another 365 days before you get the opportunity to soak up this special time with your spouse again. It’s all OK though. They’re worth it.

13 Super Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For New Parents
If they had just one baby girl then things would feel perfect. The little baby was the missing piece to their puzzle. So they tried again and Chloe got pregnant. Then Chloe’s belly started growing faster than she ever expected...

They Already Had 3 Boys And Wanted A Girl, So They Tried Again. But Her Belly Kept Growing
A premature baby’s smile is a beautiful thing to behold. Little Freya Vinje was born on Thanksgiving in 2014, following a complicated pregnancy by her mother, Lauren, battling preeclampsia. But her little face could light up a room that gave her parents endless joy - and today?

Premature Baby With Dazzling Smile Gives Hope To Worried Parents
URANIUM salt baths? Really? Wow, things were different - and more fads I'd never heard of!

Odd and Obscure: Here Are Some 1950s Fads You May Not Have Heard Of!
Northern India has been thrown out of balance due to a severe snow situation. The residents and tourists in Shimla are having to adjust to temperatures dipping below the freezing point, roads blocks, and electricity shortages. Amid all the chaos and cold however, comes a story that is sure to warm your heart involving the rescue of a mother to be and her new baby.

Cops Carry Pregnant Woman To Hospital After Walking 6 Miles In Snow
Eighteen years ago, a police officer risked his life to save this little girl. His only wish for her at the time was that she make the most out of her life and not squander the opportunity she had been given. He always wondered what happened to her. Well, this week, he got his answer.

Cop Finally Learns What Happened To Little Girl He Saved 18 Years Ago (Photo)