Genuinely speaking #Truth

Anupam kher
Will Someone explain to these AAPTards that
1) Buses are not run by Indian Railways
2) Not to play politics at the drop of a hat, it's a tragedy so be human about it
Freedom of Expression is Freedom of Expression when I use it. When yu use it, it becomes bullying, trolling and threats
Shivaji Jayanthi Rally in Surat (Gujarat) organized by VHP
Indeed !
Heights Above All
Whts Next ? Religion of Peace ?
Pehchaan Kaun?
From Chandigarh
To all Of You
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व्यापारी बेटे की हत्या के बाद इन्साफ के लिए लड़ाई लड़ रहे बाप को गुंडों ने गोली मार कर हत्या कर दी, मूक बना रहा प्रशासन व अखिलेश सरकार