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Yes, it is a big question. Maybe you should answer it.

Paul: Medicaid Expansion ‘the Big Question’

ICYMI: Over the weekend, Donald Trump slammed civil rights leader John Lewis

Trump Slams Lewis Once Again, Calls on Him to Focus on ‘Burning and Crime Infested Inner Cities’

“Well, by going to Selma — like President Bush, President Clinton, President Obama — maybe he would learn something." - Rep. John Lewis on Donald Trump

John Lewis: Trump Might ‘Learn Something’ by Going to Selma, But ‘I Would Not Invite Him’

A Scottish newspaper’s preview of the Donald Trump inauguration went viral after it called the swearing-in the return of “The Twilight Zone.”

SEE IT: Newspaper Previews Trump ‘Twilight Zone’ Inauguration; Likens It to ‘If The Nazis Had Won’

So far this weekend Trump has been angry at the following:
1. NBC and especially SNL
2. Civil rights icon John Lewis
3. The media
4. The intelligence community
5. Democrats who are really mad because Obama Democrats voted for him
6. CIA Director John Brennan for being "leaker of fake news" (the one just came out)

‘Really Bad Television’: SNL ‘Pee-Pee Party’ Skit Joins the Growing List of Things Trump is Mad About This Weekend

JUST IN: Trump hits back at the intelligence community AGAIN, accuses CIA chief John Brennon of leaking Russian dirt dossier

Trump Accuses CIA Chief John Brennan of Being ‘Leaker of Fake News’

The Daily Mail's politics editor thinks the White House press corps should be drug tested

Trump-Supporting Politics Editor Wants White House Press Corps Drug Tested

“[T]he president-elect actually in a tweet late last night invited Congressman Lewis to work with us to bring more prosperity, better schools, more safety to our cities around the country,” Pence said.

Mike Pence: Trump ‘Invited’ Lewis to Help With Insulting Tweet

“I don’t think he has a full understanding of Russian capabilities"- CIA Director on Trump

CIA Director Fires Shots on His Way Out: Trump Doesn’t Have a ‘Full Understanding’ of Russia Threat

President-elect Donald Trump tweeted Sunday that the media should “apologize” to him for reporting on a dossier alleging Russia has compromising information on him.

Trump Demands ‘Media’ ‘Apologize’ to Him for Reporting the News

Twitter has turned Biden receiving the Medal of Freedom into some lighthearted memes

SEE IT: Biden Receiving the Medal of Freedom From Obama Gets Memed

The Trump administration is taking the war on the press one step further...

Trump Administration Considers Evicting the Press From the White House