Remember when Trump attacked Obama for playing golf a few times a year? Hilarious.

Trump Plays Golf for Third Weekend in a Row
More people need to be aware of what is really going on behind the scenes.

‘Impeach President Bannon’ Signs Pop up Around Country
He's a troll. Why is he speaking on legitimate media platforms?

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That's a reasonable goal. If only the arts could be better funded...

Karen Pence to Raise Awareness About Art Therapy as Second Lady
Will Congress seek some legislative remedy, then?

Dem Rep: Steve Bannon ‘Is a Stone Cold Racist’
And right when national security is as important as ever.

Flynn Replacement Pick Dropped out over Trump’s Press...
Wow, so he'll be talking about 90,000 next week?

Police Say 9,000 People Turned out for Trump’s Rally
More fuel for his 2020 campaign. C'mon Elizabeth Warren!

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