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Penultimate Ep of Mercy Street tonight Mercy Street PBS Suzanne Bertish and I worked together long ago in the Royal Shakespeare Company. Catch her and the show tonight on PBS.
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Allegiance is coming to a theater near you on February 19th. Tickets are available now at select cinemas. Check out the nearest theater to you and order your tickets today.

Watch the Trailer & Find Your Theater

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just before UK leaves the European Union – here is a reminder of the good we can do, when we stick together [ Allout.org Link ]

No deal for homophobes

VICIOUS - The finale is now on iTunes in US [ Apple.com Link ]

Vicious: The Finale on iTunes

This new book is a must-have for anyone with a love for the good old London pub: [ Bbc.com Link ]

Tales from the bar - a tour of London's 'great pubs' - BBC News

Here's our first look at the splendid new full-length trailer for Disney's Beauty and the Beast #BeOurGuest March 17 in cinemas worldwide. #Cogsworth !
US: Tune into The Bachelor tonight at 8pm on ABC and be the first to see the brand new trailer
Have you met Cogsworth? He is the Beast's majordomo who was turned into an enchanted clock for what seemed an eternity. I'm told you will see more of him Monday, when a new trailer is released for Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" #BeOurGuest March 17 in cinemas worldwide.
#BeOurGuest March 17 in cinemas worldwide.