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PBS are to be congratulated on the latest series of the ingenious and gripping “Mercy Street”. Suzanne Bertish and I were together long ago in the Royal Shakespeare Company. Catch her and the show Sunday night at 8pm/7Central.
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Visit ntlive.com for showtimes near you NO MANS LAND
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Thank you to everyone that has picked up a set and purchased a charity pin!

Matt Ferguson's officially licensed, "The Lord of the Rings" print set will be on sale till this Sunday night at 11:59pm eastern.

[ Bottleneckgallery.com Link ]
"Who Do You Think You Are?" on BBC One premiering Wednesday 25 January at 8 pm
Beauty, The Beast, and their human cohorts, including a bewigged Cogsworth (me). @BeOurGuest 17 March 2017 in cinemas worldwide.
A woman in Brazil has apparently been praying to Elrond, thinking he's Saint Anthony. She's found herself a new idol. [ Buzzfeed.com Link ]

This Woman Prays To An Elf From "The Lord Of The Rings" Every Day

I urge you to register today and to march on 21 January 2017 in London and around the world. [ Womensmarchlondon.com Link ]


If you're booked in for an Encore of No Man's Land in January, you can swot up on Pinter with our handy timeline.
For my friends in US, the second season of MERCY STREET premieres on PBS in January.