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Over the last 80 years, we‘ve had a lot of interesting requests. From animals to automobiles, we know how to fly just about anything. We look forward to the next 80 years of odd-size baggage requests.
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Joanie and Mike from Portland celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary in Iceland with the help of an Icelandair Celebration Stopover Buddy. After never exchanging rings 35 years ago, their buddy, Maria, took them on a surprise trip to her silversmithing class where they made custom wedding rings they exchanged with each other. From all of us at Icelandair, happy Valentine's Day! Buddy up:...
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Graduating as a nurse calls for a celebration. Jenny and Robert from Sweden took a Stopover in Iceland on their way to Minneapolis and spent the day with a Celebration Stopover Buddy exploring Iceland's nature and rich Viking history. They spent the night like locals, relaxing in one of Reykjavik's geothermal pools before having dinner at a cozy cafe. Buddy up:
Northern Flights. Share your favorite photo from your Icelandair flight. Thanks to @seanparkerphotography for a great photo.
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This year, Icelandair celebrates 80 years of aviation. Great moments from our history are preserved in our collection of old photos, do you have an Icelandair memory to share?
Sometimes coincidences are just too incredible to believe. For one young couple, our holiday ad was the story they were living.
Happy New Year! Where would you like to travel in 2017? [ Link ]
On New Year’s Eve, the memorable moments of the past year come back to us. Each one precious and a part of life’s adventure. What was your most memorable moment from 2016?
On 2 January 1949 Flugfélag Íslands started scheduled flights from Iceland to London. The aircraft was a four-propeller Douglas DC-4 Skymaster, much admired by the Icelandic locals for its size and elegance – and even likened to a flying dance hall.
Season's greetings from two of our future pilots, Gabríella and Viktor. What is your favorite holiday travel memory?

Thanks for the photo Benedikta K. Gleðileg jól!
Bring your celebration to Iceland! The Icelandair Stopover Buddies are back and ready to help you plan your adventure in Iceland this winter. What would you celebrate in Iceland? #MyStopover
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Hundreds of artists, dozens of venues, one awesome experience. Welcome to Iceland Airwaves! [ Link ]
From the Liberty Bell to the steps that Rocky climbed, history is always happening in Philadelphia. Service begins May 30, 2017.
What would you do in Philly? [ Link ]
Our favorite part of Tampa is the airport! What's yours? [ Link ]
We have 39,539 minutes of entertainment on board. We want to reach 40,000 minutes of entertainment, what movies or music would you add to our selection?
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From the midnight sun to more than 40 destinations, where will you go next?
Thanks to Instagrammer @flyingfoley for the photo.
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Brace yourselves, Belfast is coming. Who is your favorite person from Belfast? [ Link ]
Welcome aboard, Belfast. Music, nightlife and culture are just a few things this historic city has to offer.
What's your favorite thing about Belfast?
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Velkomin heim / Welcome home. Who would you bring home for the holidays? [ Link ]
Velkomin heim / Welcome home. Who would you bring home for the holidays? [ Link ]