This Thursday, curators and artists from #PerpetualRevolution come together for a panel discussion at The Photography Show, one of the world’s most prestigious annual photography events. #AIPAD2017 [ Link ]
"I was born to photography."
— Lotte Jacobi
Head of a dancer, Berlin, ca. 1929 [ Link ]
Tomorrow during the International Photo Project in Milan: Frank Franca discusses contemporary photography in NYC and the ICP community. #ICPfaculty [ Link ]
Ciao, Italia! Join ICP and the Centro Italiano per la Fotografia (CAMERA) this summer in Turin, Italy! Apply by March 30 to receive a 10% discount on tuition. [ Link ]
© REUTERS/Marco Antonio Bello
#ICPfaculty member Frank Franca curated the U.S.A. section of the Fondo Malerba exhibition at the International Photo Project 2017. The exhibition highlights new work by young photographers from the United States, Cuba, and Italy. See it at the Steam Factory in Milan this weekend. [ Link ]
Brace yourself, #AllUtilitiesIncluded—the #ICPBardMFA group show—opens next Friday at the #ICPSchool. [ Link ]
The most beautiful photograph of a pepper you will ever see.
Edward Weston was born on this day in 1886. #HappyBirthday [ Link ]
ONE MONTH until the 33rd annual ICP #InfinityAwards. We'll be celebrating the inspiring accomplishments of the 2017 recipients! Harry Benson is the Lifetime Achievement honoree. [ Link ]
Ray Charles with his granddaughters, Los Angeles, 1990 © Harry Benson
How has visual culture and the Internet given a voice to the alt-right movement? George Hawley weighed-in during his discussion at the #ICPMuseum on Wednesday. Watch: [ Link ]
Jacque Donaldson
Join us for the opening of 2017 ICP-Bard MFA candidate Cristina Velásquez’s solo exhibition, "Montañera," at the ICP-Bard MFA Studios in Long Island City, on view from April 7 to 8.

Over the last two years, Velásquez has developed a body of work that stems from observations of life in Colombia. "Montañera," the artist’s first solo exhibition, studies different ways the absurd exaggerates...
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ICP-Bard MFA Solo Thesis Exhibition Opening: Cristina Velásquez

Fall in love with the magic of photography.
Today's your last chance to save 15% on classes at the #ICPSchool.
Use code: FBFY17. [ Link ]
Alex Fradkin
Jump for joy, it's #NationalPuppyDay!
Elliott Erwitt, Paris, France 1989 [ Link ]
Ilse Bing: a true original. Happy birthday! #WomensHistoryMonth
Self-portrait. My first photograph, 1913 [ Link ]
Joseph Desler Costa MFA'15 has a solo show at Foley Gallery in NYC—"Particle Paradise" is on view through April 30. Congrats! #ICPalumni [ Link ]
The upcoming #ICPBardMFA group show is .
#AllUtilitiesIncluded challenges viewers to think beyond the subject or situation in front of the camera and examine the many emotions and stories packed within each.
See you during the opening reception at the #ICPSchool on March 31. [ Link ]

ICP-Bard MFA: 2017 Group Thesis Exhibition
Vivian Maier was an unknown street photographer in her lifetime. Everything changed in 2007 when around 100,000 negatives and slides were discovered.
The beauty of water. #WorldWaterDay
Harold Eugene Edgerton, Water-drop splash, 1986 #ICPCollections [ Link ]
Join us for the opening reception for "All Utilities Included," the ICP-Bard MFA program’s 2017 group thesis exhibition.

"All Utilities Included" explores the role of the camera in reflecting the world around us and the ways in which those manifestations are internalized and understood on a personal level.

With the question “What is a camera good for?” at the center of the conversation, the...
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ICP-Bard MFA 2017 Group Thesis Exhibition Opening

"Photograph the world as it is. Nothing's more interesting than reality."
— Mary Ellen Mark
Martin Bell
Join the conversation tonight at the #ICPMuseum! George Hawley focuses on how visual culture and the Internet have given a voice to the alt-right movement. This program draws on themes from the “Right-Wing Fringe and the 2016 Election” section of #PerpetualRevolution.

In Conversation: George Hawley