So happy to tell you that I'm playing at Junction 2 in London this summer. Best festival I played at next to Awakenings and Into the Valley. The setting is beautiful in the middle of the forest and under a bridge. Organic and urban vibe with the best quality sound and crowd. Just don't miss it.
by the wizard of photography Mr DAVID TERRANOVA
Instead of following our first intuition and look the other way when seeing the most horrible photos from Syria we should ask ourselves if there is any way we can help. I'm a mother of 3 children and I won't go there myself but there are people who risk their own life to help. So I stared a donation page yesterday where you can donate straight to UNHCRs work in Syria. Yesterday we collected...
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Dear extended techno family. I have created a donation page for UNHCR to help the refugees and victims of the war in Syria. I hope that we are strong together. No one can do everything but most of us can do something. Why not give the world some love today <3

Help me to help
I have decided to cancel all my gigs for the rest of the year to be home with our 3 beautiful children. WILL MISS YOU ALL GREATLY <3 Ida
Very very excited about playing Ibiza DC10 for Paradise tonight! <3
Picture from Cocoon Ibiza
Cocoon Ibiza tonight!
So excited about this one!
I look into this eye and it fills my eyes with tears. I wonder how her life was. I wonder how many babies were taken away from her while she was screaming. I wonder how many times she was scared or felt sadness. I wonder is she ever gave up the hope to become free. She probably never stepped on grass or saw the sky.
Did you know that pigs are as clever as Chimpanzees? Did you know they are...
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