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02/24/2017 at 08:22. Facebook
This year in the Movement Camp Odelia will be sharing an approach to air and ground fluid motion in a way that is accessible for people with absolutely ZERO EXPERIENCE in her Microbatics class.

Here is some recent play displaying bits and pieces of instant movement arising from such freedom.

For details and registration use the link below:

[ Link ]

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Interested in MOVEMENT?
Apply for the biggest event of the year - Movement Camp 2017 in Thailand.

Details: [ Link ]
Movement Camp 2017 - Registration is now open!

For details and registration use the link below:
[ Link ]
Movement Camp 2017 - Registration is now open

For details and registration use the link below:

[ Link ]

Movement Camp 2017 is around the corner and you are now invited to send in your registration for this year's event.


14TH - 20TH (CAMP)



1. 1H4W - Ido Portal
Ido's class will focus on the Quadrivium of movement, time, space...
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Movement Camp - 2017

Great experience this weekend at the Motion premiere event in Perth.

Thanks to our students for organizing, hosting- Margaret Durnan, Mark Bernacchi, Anthony Tran. Thanks to all those in attendance.

16+ hours of practice in two days - lots of hard work, research, discovery and play.

Now jumping on a boat and heading into the ocean to do some surfing, skurfing, waking and diving....
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The Corset - Newcastle AUS

See the link below for event details and registration:

[ Link ]
Had the pleasure of being interviewed a few days ago by fighter and journalist Liam Resnekov in Bondi Beach about various aspects of movement practice, culture, physicality, BJJ and more.

Now already in Perth where a sold out Motion event is kicking off in a few min.

Excited to share, play, discuss and unravel together with some good people!
Love the complexities, discovery of advanced tools and philosophical side of moving but I always make sure not to hide behind that weaknesses that can be resolved with good basic and proven methods.

Criticizing the old shit you used to do but can't do anymore is no-no for me.
Criticizing the old shit you can still perform means evolution.

High rep basics for keeping healthy, moving blood...
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Movement Camp 2017.

Open registration... soon.

Stay tuned,
Roye improvising with a tennis ball one afternoon at Ido Portal Method - Israel

Our movement approach and hard work at fundamental elements and principles governing human motion enable us to decrease the time and effort needed to acquire new skills, attributes and abilities SUBSTANTIALLY.

You've seen our students manipulate their bodies in space, move fluidly on the ground, invert, perform...
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Bondi Beach internship, second day, post workout at our friends @vidasurfstore spoiling us.

Thankful for the lifestyle I'm able to live, surrounded by good people, endless movement, sun and waves.

People ask me 'so, who is a good mover'?

Well, I've always given Jackie Chan as an example.
A man who has martial, dance, acrobatic, object manipulatory ability, is fearless, digested huge amount of movement material over his life time, is strong, mobile, coordinated, fast, creative.

Jackie was/is a huge inspiration for practitioners in fields like parkour, breakdance, stunt, martial...
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Timing, placement, accurate movement.

Simple games sometimes offer a potential for discovery beyond their boundaries.

Here's my advise to those interested in deeper development of movement: Play but don't focus on the games.

Mentorship gang 'la familia' in Cyprus.

Great week, diving deeper, clarifying, meaningful practice, discussion, sharing, experimenting, failing but doing and lots of being present.

Love you guys, there's no place I'd rather be.

-tion suffix

indicating state, condition, action, process, or result: motion, notion, emotion

(Mo)tion is a two day opportunity to dive into the movement perspective - ideas and concepts put into practice in the form of tools, physical tasks, riddles, play and structured materials.

This seminar will introduce participants from all levels of exposure to different forms of...
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Motion - Belgium

Three sticks - two hands.

Physical task: You're only allowed to touch one stick with each hand at any moment, keep them from falling for as long as possible.

Lots of potential for development within such a task: use of peripheral vision, speed, accuracy, timing and rhythm, decision making and multi task paging management, etc, etc

BUT, and it's a big 'but' - the true secret is not in this...
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Conversation today about my favorite topic with a great audience at Ido Portal Method - Israel center for its two year birthday.

Incredible people with some good and penetrating questions, including Olympic medalists, world champions, gifted musicians, pro athletes from multiple sports, actors, models, dancers and just good people who love to move and think about movement.

It's been my...
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The Corset workshop offers a modern/ancient approach to preparing, rehabbing, pre-habing, mobilizing, stabilizing and strengthening the body for the rigors of movement, a unique approach developed by Ido Portal from his extensive research into human movement.

The Corset is a collection of exercises, routines and protocols for every major joint in the human body. Some of the unique movements...
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Corset - Newcastle AUS

Stretching is not on the level of Softening.
Strengthening is not on the level of Unifying.
Training is not on the level of Moving.

We will explore these concepts next month in our events in Australia:
* Internship in Sydney -> [ Link ]
* Motion in Perth -> [ Link ]
* Corset in Newcastle -> [ Link ]