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today at 03:20. Facebook
Tale of two movement tasks.

First one - attracts your attention immediately, is visually attractive, considered 'hard' and includes flipping backwards 180+180 degrees while spinning around one's center axis 360 degrees. Useful shit. If you wish to impress the girls....

Second one - juggle a small ball with your legs. Keep it up there for awhile. Find rhythm with it, react to it, keep...
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Ido Portal
12/06/2016 at 08:41. Facebook
Haven't done a handstand set in a few months till this morning and not much in the last years but if I don't maintain my skills - I'm merely replacing one skill set for another...

The emotional attachment to acquiring new skills is another issue to be wary off as that's one never ending story without an orgasm.

Here's how I take it:

* Maintain to the best of your abilities the past
* Enjoy...
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12/04/2016 at 11:24. Facebook
Arrived in Thailand in my favorite grass.

This green is so sweet cause it was watered with abnormal amounts of sweat by myself and my students over the last 6 years.

In a few weeks our last internship of 2016 starts here in Thailand - only one spot left, Details - [ Facebook.com Link ]

If you can't make it your next chance is Sydney, Australia. Details - [ Facebook.com Link ]

Kill the...
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For details and registration:
[ Facebook.com Link ]

Great fun developing a creative process this week with director Ayan Mukerji and superstar actor Ranbir Kapoor

Thanks you Alia Bhatt for joining us today on some play as well.

Very impressed with the kind, down to earth folks of Bollywood bringing in so much talent, love and intelligence into what they do.

Other thanks go to many other good people involved with Dharma Productions and on...
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Great times working today some character movement development with actor Ranbir Kapoor for his role in this amazing project by film maker Ayan Mukerji.

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Corset - Rochester NY

EVENT - facebook.com
Moving around, looking for options, 'finding a feel', being.

I'm not getting ready for a fight or a performance or competition.

I'm already living my life- through my practice.

This kind of movement which is my way of simply moving comes from my background and studies into Capoeira, circus arts, acrobatics, dance and martial arts among other things.
I used what I learnt and mixed it,...
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Internship - Australia

EVENT - facebook.com
A lot has been said about balance but I truly believe most of it has been misguided and misplaced.
Balance, like most attributes we name, is comprised of a sequence of smaller movement attributes that are placed on a time line of events.

Challenge-input-processing(partial or more complete)-prediction-reaction, etc. (only very partial and oversimplified list...)
This makes 'universal balance'...
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A poor man's bouldering challenge I picked up years ago from the rock climbing community.

Great way to test and amalgam attributes such as physical intelligence, strength in unique angles, joint durability and prep, mobility and more.


Instagram video by Ido Portal • Nov 16, 2016 at 3:38pm UTC


Proud of you, my man.
What a night,
Wrestling is fun.
There is such a natural feel to it.
Thanks to Sergey Pikulskiy for a great first lesson.

Instagram video by Ido Portal • Nov 10, 2016 at 2:45am UTC

Madison Square Garden.

Smaller than I thought it would be...

High spirits at UFC205 open workout today. Conor McGregor looking sharper than Hattori Hanzo sword, with more angles than a megagon, more fluid than Mercury.

Good day,
Movement in Cyprus - last day.

Sharing insights, practice, movement, food, conversations and great times.

This is how we choose again and again to live. In Movement Culture.

Thanks for practicing with us, guys.
Movement in Cyprus kicked off today.

On the menu - morning tune up and ZP Meditation and then a long session of floor connection, kinetic koans, footwork, tactical physical scenarios and body to body conditioning.

Great people all around, killing it.
Bouncing, jumping, elastically expressing is the true fountain of youth.

That's why children jump and bounce all over the place and older folks look old cause they lost their spring.

The issue is to condition the elastic components and keep adaptation going in the right direction but the cost is wear and tear via impact - landings mostly.
One way to get enough good reps while minimizing...
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Corset - Barcelona

EVENT - facebook.com
Visiting Ido Portal Method - Israel - our center in Tel Aviv.

This place is growing with over 600 members movement training under the watchful eye of Roye Goldschmidt and Liav 'Memada' Baron along other staff members.

Soon, for the Israelis and Hebrew speakers alone, our big yearly MOVEMENT MEETING in CYPRUS.
Sign up quickly for last spots - it's running out- [ Facebook.com Link ]

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