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On Demand Webinar: The webinar will focus on the advantages of using full numerical approaches instead of analytical ones to determine the breakdown power level.

Getting Ahead with RF Breakdown Simulation for Space Hardware
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A Q&A between industry reps and a Congressional subcommittee hints at the policymaking to come for automotive autonomy in the United States.

Industry Schools Government about the Future of Self-Driving Cars
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Researchers developed neural probes made from a flexible nanoelectronic thread (NET) that is so small that when implanted it doesn’t trigger the creation of scar tissue.

Flexibility Gives Nanothread Brain Probes Long-Term Durability
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Webinar Invite: The complexity of modern high-end electronic systems as well as strict time-to-market constraints require fast and reliable Signal/Power Integrity and Electromagnetic Compatibility performance assessments from very preliminary stages of the design onwards.

Getting Ahead with Broadband Macromodeling
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Computer algorithm presents the tantalizing possibility that we’ll someday see a computer-detected biomarker for autism.

AI Predicts Autism From Infant Brain Scans
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Can't find work mining coal? Move on to your next career, creating code.

The Kentucky Startup That Is Teaching Coal Miners to Code
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IEEE Spectrum Contributing Editor Evan Ackerman says, "This is the fundamental problem with drone taxis: I'm not convinced there's a safe way to fail."

An Autonomous Passenger Drone Seems Like a Terrible Idea
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Whitepaper Download: Expert systems engineering practices are critical to the success of today’s products. Yet systems engineering is complex. When looking to improve your systems engineering processes, it can be difficult to know where to start.

The Expert Guide to Systems Engineering Solutions
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Texas, a microcosm of the United States, shows that many households spend a fair fraction of their income on electricity.

What Role Do Household Incomes Play in the Full Cost of Electricity?
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Webinar Invite: “Big data” describes any voluminous amount of data that has the potential to be mined for information. The mass of data generated and stored by test systems is often overlooked, and typically used retroactively to analyze problems that have already occurred.

Big-Data Analysis for Manufacturing Test
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Experts: "Nothing to see here. If you were a melted down nuclear reactor, you'd be highly radioactive too."

Nuclear Experts: High Radiation Estimates at Fukushima No Surprise to Us
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Academics and industry researchers are trying to put artificial intelligence into more devices without making them cost more or consume more energy.

To Get AI in Everyday Gadgets, Engineers Go to Specialized Hardware
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NIST-led project seeks to work wireless communications into industrial settings where signals have to run a gauntlet of interference before reaching a receiver.

Factory Owners are Reluctant to Embrace Wireless
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Whitepaper Download: Has Your BOM Solution Bombed? Next Generation Bill of Materials Management
In the world of product design and manufacturing, the bill of materials (BOM) is a critical product information record for both the engineering and manufacturing teams.
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“If we don’t have a requirement that industry … do something to improve the way it conducts its operations, then a market will not be created to drive innovation"—Mark Boling, Southwestern Energy

Congress to Curtail Methane Monitoring
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Whitepaper Download: High-Power Solid State Pulsed Amplifiers Application
This application note discusses key features and benefits of this new line of Solid State pulsed amplifiers
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Drug candidates could be screened for their effects on whole tissue rather than isolated cells.

Nanoelectrode Array Sees Signals From Inside a Network of Cells
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“We…find that Higher Ground’s proposed system and operations…would further the Commission’s interest in ensuring the highest public benefit is derived from this finite spectrum resource”—U.S. Federal Communications Commission

Controversial Satellite Messaging Startup Higher Ground Cleared For Take-Off