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Rudolf Diesel thought his energy-efficient engine would benefit small local businesses, but in fact it has been the indispensable engine of globalization.

The Diesel Engine at 120
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Autonomous cars aren't going to be perfect, and some crashes are likely to happen. Should we as a society still accept them?

Toyota's Gill Pratt on Self-Driving Cars and the Reality of Full Autonomy
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“The long runway for NRAM and Nantero can be seen as a feature and not a bug”—Chris Spivey, BCC Research

Carbon Nanotube Memory Company's Ship May Finally Come In
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Follows from feds statement saying the crash fell to 0.8 per million miles driven, down from 1.3 per million miles before the original version of AutoPilot.

Elon Musk Says Tesla Aims to Cut Crashes by 90 Percent
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When the first MOOCs appeared, they seemed like the answer to a prayer, but ultimately the tuition epidemic is a symptom of a serious problem that MOOCs probably can’t solve.

Can MOOCs Cure the Tuition Epidemic?
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Reached for comment, light said it is excited at the prospect of having its shockwave pictures posted on social media.

Superfast Camera Sees Shockwave From Light
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Velodyne gears up to flood the self-driving car market with its newly-cheap lidars, scientists cut off the flow of blood just by tapping a nerve, the potential perils of crowdfunding neurotech devices, and more...

5 Things You Missed This Week at IEEE Spectrum: Velodyne's Lidars, Neural Tourniquet, Crowdfunding Neurotech
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Highway rules maker clears system of fault in fatal crossing path collision, saying it's not an app for that.

Feds Call Tesla's AutoPilot Safe
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“If the surgeon doesn’t get in there to stop the bleeding in time, it’s game over.”

"Neural Tourniquet" Zaps a Nerve to Stop Bleeding
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There is more to selecting an inductor than the nominal inductance value.

Whitepaper: Getting Started: An Introduction to Inductor Specifications
The current state of neurotech products: The ideas are audacious, exciting, and often infeasible.

The Cautionary Tale of "No More Woof," a Crowdfunded Gadget to Read Your Dog's Thoughts
"People stress about tech pushing people apart, but we love watching it bring people together"—Brent Bushnell, Two Bit Circus

Two Bit Circus Continues Quest to Turn Flames, Virtual Reality, and Lasers Into a Business
IEEE Spectrum
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“We believe CNT electronics have a good chance to replace [silicon] CMOS technology at 5-nm nodes by 2022”—Lian-Mao Peng, Peking University

Scientists: Carbon Nanotubes Would Outperform Silicon Transistors at the Same Scale
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Turning data into solid predictions may require an understanding of more than just the numbers.

Data Divination
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A single number, dubbed the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), tells decision makers this plant’s electricity is cheaper than that one’s, or it isn’t. Except LCOE skips a few important factors, like geography.

How Does Geography Figure Into the Full Cost of Electricity?
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AxonVR's hot-and-cold haptic touch makes virtual reality feel spectacularly real.

AxonVR Brings Realistic Touch Sensations to Virtual Reality
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A Stanford researcher didn’t notice a rash—or yet have a fever—but his wearables prompted him to seek early treatment for Lyme Disease.

Wearable Sensors Spot Lyme Disease
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The incoming Trump administration reignites a classic debate of economics and technology: net neutrality. This issue splits the tech community right down the middle: Both sides argue that their position promotes innovation and is best for the economy.

Is Net Neutrality Good or Bad for Innovation?
IEEE Spectrum
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Velodyne dominates the lidar market, and its planned megafactory for the automotive sensor tower could help it keep that status against new contenders in the industry.

Velodyne Plans a Lidar Megafactory