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Ever wondered what it is like to study in Sydney? We speak to Zoe, Jacob, Naresh and Kenny about how studying in Australia has changed their lives, and how IDP Education has helped them achieve their lifelong learning and career goals [ Youtu.be Link ]

Our students share their experiences - Studying in Sydney, Australia, with IDP Education

We speak to Zoe, Jacob, Naresh and Kenny about how studying in Australia has changed their lives, and how IDP Education has helped them achieve their lifelon...

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Affect vs Effect - which word to use, and when?

Affect - used as a verb, it means to influence something. Example: The power shortage affected the town.

Effect - used as a noun, it means the result or impact of something, an outcome. Example: The noisy party had an effect on my sleep.
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Download the IELTS Support Toolkit, which contains lots of helpful tips, question and answer examples, and more! [ Ieltsessentials.com Link ]
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Make sure you use the correct spelling in your writing tests. Here's five words people commonly find difficult:

Find more details about spelling here [ Bbc.co.uk Link ]
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A warning to be aware of IELTS scams - you may see companies offering you IELTS certificates without setting the tests. Please be aware that these are fraudulent and our tight security measures mean false certificates will be detected and will not be accepted by a Recognising Organisation such as a university, school or employer. [ Ieltsessentials.com Link ]
These two skills are essential to help you get the score you need in the IELTS Reading test. Skimming a text gives you an overview of the article and its main points, whereas you use scanning to help you find the right location to detail read to find the answer.

For a more detailed explanation of the differences between and the uses of these skills, check out [ Aacc.edu Link ]

Then to...
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Be prepared for your IELTS test! Don't forget to familiarise yourself with the test format and practise your best English!

Even if you have a good level of English, it is easy to develop bad habits such as making spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Get to know the test format here: [ Ieltsessentials.com Link ]
Not sure about how to use the words ‘COME’ and ‘GO’ in your IELTS Speaking and Writing tests?

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Improve your English: Recognise your strengths and weaknesses!
The IELTS tests your proficiency in both receptive skills; Listening & Reading, and productive skills; Speaking & Writing. Listening and Speaking support one another, as do Reading and Writing.

For most people, Listening and Speaking are their strongest skills. There is a different band score achieved for each skill and it is...
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If sentences are too long, they become less coherent and also make it harder for you to control the grammar. To check your writing at home, say your sentence out-loud at a regular pace. If you run out of breath before you finish the sentence, it’s too long!

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Following this advice will help you know where you are in the text. You’ll be able to find the answers faster because you’ll know which areas to read in detail.
In the IELTS Listening Test you will sometimes have a list of options to choose from as answers. The possible answers may be in alphabetical order and not in the order you hear them, so read the entire list of options before the listening begins.

To find out all you need to know about the IELTS test, get more tips or try one of our many free practice tests, visit [ Ieltsessentials.com Link ]
Wednesday's Word: Persevere (Verb)
To continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult.
e.g. To speak fluently, you must persevere with your English practice, even when it feels like you are not improving.
Happy International Women’s Day! March 8 is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.
Three tips to help you get the IELTS Writing score you need:
1.Always read the question carefully
2.The instructions tell you who you are writing to, and why you are writing.
3.Make sure you write about all three of the points in the question!
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If you're planning on choosing Australia as your study destination, Insider Guides provide real stories, tips and local knowledge from real students:
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