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Are you taking IELTS today? Read through our test format a few times and do our practice tests so you are ready to do your best on your IELTS test day. [ Link ]
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Watch these lovely people from around the world, now living in Australia, talk about why they chose IELTS for their work, migration and study dreams. Share your IELTS story with us in the comments.
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Get better at English conversation by knowing how to use a few idioms! Practice using idioms correctly in the right context, then show them off in your IELTS Speaking test to demonstrate your skills!
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There is no trick to getting the IELTS score you want. Practice your English, build your skills and work at it everyday. We are here to support you to prepare, improve and do your best.

Practice and Prepare
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Practice your phrasal verbs with us. Remember when you improve your English, you will get a higher IELTS score.

Quick Quiz - To Look At
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TIP 1: You will hear the exact word or words you need so don’t change them in your answer
TIP 2: Do not write more words than you are asked for – you will lose marks.
TIP 3: Practice by listening to interviews and conversations, or to news programs. Find one that you can listen to over again on the Internet. Listen and take notes on the most important facts, then go back and check your...
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Listening Practice Tests
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Be inspired by the power of what learning English can do for your life and contribution to the world.

How to Get the Score You Need
Are you taking IELTS on 14 January? Read through our test day information and be ready to do your best. We are with you.

What to Expect on Test Day
Have you seen the Godzilla movies? IELTS expert Don visited the beautiful city of Tokyo recently. For a fun Listening exercise watch Taro from IELTS Japan introduce Don to the mythical mother of all monsters. Did you know that Godzilla is a cross between a whale and a gorilla?
Understanding the IELTS test format is vital to preparing for the test and getting the score you need.
Are you taking IELTS on 25 February? Follow our advice and do your best on your test day. We are with you!
Are you taking IELTS on 12 January? Follow our advice and do your best on your test day. We are with you!
Preparing for IELTS General Reading? Texts used in the test are from real life sources like notices, advertisements, company handbooks, books, magazines and newspapers. Here is a break down of what is in each section of the Reading test to help you prepare:

Section 1: two to three short factual texts, one of which may be a composite (consisting of 6-8 short texts related by topic for...
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General Training Reading Practice
Learn these social words and use them in your next English conversation, write them down in sentences to help you remember new words.

Tips from Teachers
General Training Writing Task 1: you have to write a 150 word letter, giving or requesting information, or explaining a situation. You might need to do any of the following;
- complain
- make a request
- apologise
- make a suggestion
- recommend something
- give an explanation
- remind someone
- invite somebody.

Use language that is suitable for the type of task. Make sure you do our free...
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General Training Writing Practice
Build your vocabulary! Try out sentences using the word 'confront'. Share your sentences in the comments with our community.

Practice and Prepare
Make sure you know how IELTS is structured and how your English will be tested before you take IELTS. You will get a better band score. [ Link ]
To Sikh communities around the world celebrating, we wish you, your families and loved ones Jayanti - the IDP IELTS community.
Looking for more online resources to improve your English and IELTS score? Try Radio National English (Australian) summer school with amazing blogs and podcasts on interesting topics, regardless of what season you are in right now!

Radio National English Summer School
Are you preparing for your IELTS Writing? Here is a tip: remember that 25% of your Writing band score is based on how you answer the question. Take time to think about and analyse the question before you start writing to get your best score!

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