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Speaking test – How are you assessed?

Grammatical Range and Accuracy is the third of four criteria used to assess your speaking.

Is grammar your friend or foe?
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Looking for a place to sit the test? Find your nearest centre here [ Link ]
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Now this is what we call a good student!

Instagram: @beobell_
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Here are some things examiners will be looking for in your writing.

Keep them in mind the next time you do some writing.
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Fill in the blank…
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Synonyms are key to showing your wide vocabulary.

We ❤ this online vocabulary game that tests synonyms. You can help the World Food Program whilst building vocabulary. That's a double win.

Share if you love it as much as we do!

Play online, learn online and feed the hungry |
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Complete the sentence.
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Today is International Mother Language Day.

How do you say 'have a nice day' in your mother language or mother tongue (they're the same thing)?
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Academic Writing Tip:

Lexical Resource counts for 25% of the mark. This means you need to use a wide range of words correctly for a high score.

How do you learn new words? Share your advice with your friends.
Did you know that IELTS can take you to the USA?
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How do I get a Band 9.0 in the IELTS Speaking test? Find out here.

What vocabulary did you notice that she used to achieve this score?
Have you heard of the verb 'to regard' something?
New words are constantly being added to the English language. Here are the newest ones which were added to the Oxford English dictionary.

Try this quiz. Which is your favourite new word? Share with your friends and family.
What did you learn from your last mistake?

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What's your favourite way to learn new vocabulary?

Here are a few ideas. Tag your friends to find out their advice.
Have a question about the IELTS Speaking test? Join us live as our expert Sarah talks about the 3 parts of the test and answers your questions!
Did you know English is one of the most vocabulary-rich languages in the world?

Improve your vocabulary by using a thesaurus (and dictionary!) to learn new vocabulary.

Try this one!

Collins English Thesaurus | Synonyms and Antonyms | Always Free Online
It's Valentine's Day!
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Speaking test assessment

Lexical Resource is the second of four criteria used to assess your speaking.
How good is your vocabulary?