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If you don't have
What you want yet

You have something to look forward to.

Now spend your time looking forward
Not where you are.

Or where you've been.
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South African Breweries Ex-Employees
No, we are more than that
That was a long time ago.

That was before we wrote songs together
Before she heard her lines on radio

Ewe & Shake Co-Authors
No, we are more than that
That was a long time ago

Life-Long Friends
No, we are
what are we?
01/27/2017. Facebook
Giving up
Is sometimes your best option.

Don't be mad at yourself if you do

Trust that you're going the right way.

#EmotionalIntelligence #NewLife #Trust #GrowthMindSet #ThereIsNoDeath #MoreLife #NoFear #sushitime #SushiDip
01/26/2017. Facebook
It's hard to believe it
When you don't see it

But u will never see it
If you don't believe it.

So decide, are u believing
Or giving up?
01/25/2017. Facebook
Caught between a rock
And a soft place.
Kom kyk
Snake skin on my old face.

That was then.
All that's left now are the rocks.

#Poetry #OldPeople #Gratitude #SelfLove #Appreciation #Abundance #Manifest #LawOfAttraction #RelaxAndManifest
01/22/2017. Facebook
You won't know what makes you happy

If you keep trying to make others happy.

#selfie #selfhelp #selflove #selfappreciation #self #420
01/18/2017. Facebook
Everything comes out of nowhere
Ideas pop out of thin air

Friends were once strangers
Strangers who didn't exist
Cars were once dreams
Dreams that came out of nowhere

Whatever you want will come
Out of nowhere.

#Dreams #Reality #Manifest #Appreciate #Law #Universal #Friends #Ideas #carswithoutlimits
01/16/2017. Facebook
I'm only interested in magic.

I wanna think it
And watch it come to me.

I wanna blink
And watch it disappear.


And I hear the Law Of Attraction
Works like magic.

#Gratitude #SelfConfidence #SelfLove #Appreciation #Abundance #Goals #Magic #PicOfTheDay #Manifest #African #Africa #LawOfAttraction #EastLondon #Relax #fitness #instafit
01/13/2017. Facebook
In 2016, I learnt how to change the world
By changing me.

I learnt that I don't have to face reality
I can create it.

I learnt that nobody can control my thoughts
Except me.
That's when I felt freedom
For the first time in my life.

Now I'm free to think
And create the reality I want to live
Without needing the world to change an inch
Or bend backwards for me.

#OldPicture #Gratitude...
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01/12/2017. Facebook
The choice that scares you the most
Is the one that will teach you the most.

Take the master class in life, folks
They make movies out of those.

Master class doesnt mean difficult, hard, stress
It means focus 24/7 on the same subject

In my case, Sushi Dip feat Lex LaFoy & Quebonafide

#Gratitude #SelfConfidence #SelfLove #Appreciation #Abundance #Goals #Dapperlydone #MenWithClass #Gentlemen...
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01/11/2017. Facebook
I'm only one step away.

I've tried to take this one step a thousand times and missed.
But I'm only one step away.

Today, I try again.
01/10/2017. Facebook
Appreciate what has manifested
Don't worry about what hasn't.

I'm living life on the edge
And ready to fall or fly.

I know what I want
And I'm willing to give anything
Except for my freedom and happiness.
01/09/2017. Facebook
She said relax and keep doing it
But I had imagined
I'd be rich
So what in the hell am I doing here
She said relax, baby relaaaax
I swear to God you are doing well

#Lyrics #LyricsQuote #RelaxAndManifest

She told me that I need to control my thoughts
Where you end up it's nobody's fault
She told me if I need diamonds in my neck
I must look into myself
Allow my old beliefs to change
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01/08/2017. Facebook
I've been relaxing
I've been neglecting reality
I've been chillin
And creating my own reality

#Yummy #Freedom #IceCreamMe

Molweni. Kutheni ninqabile nje?? Nindilahlile? Ebenjan'uDecember?
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My favorite track from Driemanskap right now.

They have a video out for it. Check it out if you love some Driemanskap like I do.


ABOUT THE SONG: eNatshikeni is a word used to replace the actual name of a certain place. The song is about a party that takes place eNatshikeni β€œThe mystery...

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On MTVBasetoday

Ends with my new music video for
#SushiDip feat Quebonafide & Lex LaFoy

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See you today at 6pm on SABC 1, Mzansi Fo Sho.
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#StreetCred every Thurs, 6pm on SABC 1.

Thank you to all who watched today's episode.

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