Iggy Azalea
yesterday at 18:37. Facebook
Thanks for having me Dragonland Music Festival!!
Had fun seeing all my Def Jam family last night!
‪Ahh! 'Black Widow' just went 4x Platinum!!! ‬
Happy Birthday @ChuckieBones I can't believe you're almost a real grown up now.... aghhhhh!
@AleHerself has the coolest dog in LA. She's giving me "The Nanny named Fran" vibes with these hats. #Helicopter
#TEAM just went Gold!!!
So glad 2017 is finally here, I look forward to releasing my album, working with new and interesting people & I hope this new year on earth just generally has a better vibe than the last... I'm ready for new energy✨
Happy Holidays
Good Morning
Just being a little weirdo getting laser beams shot into my head and stuff