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Members, check your emails.
Members pre-sale is 10am-6pm tomorrow from gate A at Win Stadium.

It's time to fly as one!
#hawkheads #flyyouhawks
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#hawkheads we are in the grand final series.

Members ticket information will be out shortly.
Keep checking your emails as soon as we have it confirmed we will get the info to you.
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3 quarter time
Hawks lead 82-64
Illawarra Hawks
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Halftone #hawkheads
Hawks lead 56-42
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Quarter time
Hawks lead 27-18
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A few of our fans who made the trek to Adelaide for tonights big game.
Show your support for the boys and tag us in your photos.
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Get behind the team as we get set to do battle against the 36ers in Adelaide tonight.

It doesn't get much bigger than this:
Win - we are through to grand final series.

Catch all the action live on NBL tv or on Fox Sports.
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As they prepare for a crucial Game 3 clash with the Adelaide 36ers, Kevin White caught up with Jarrod McGrouther for

[ Link ]

Illawarra Fans Deserve To See Grand Final Series - Kevin White - The Official Website of the Illawarra Hawks
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Hey #Hawkheads,

Don't forget to leave a message of support for the team ahead of their must win game against the Adelaide 36ers in Adelaide on Thursday night.

Your messages will be posted for the guys to see prior to the game, so lets show them that all of the Illawarra are right behind them.

Leave the Illawarra Hawks a message of support
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Any fans or members wanting to travel to Adelaide for Thursdays game against the 36ers, here is a link to Tickets in the designated Hawks fan section.

[ Link ]

This link is valid from 1230pm Monday 20 February – 1230pm Tuesday 21 February 2017.

They are for seating in section South East 6 and South Upper 25.

Hope to see as many #Hawkheads at the game as possible.

Adelaide 36ers v Illawarra Hawks: Semi Final - Game 3 at Titanium Security Arena SA on Feb 23, 2017
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We are going to Game 3 #Hawkheads

What a game! Mitch Norton and Tim Coenraad led our scorers with 17 points a piece. Tim also had 10 rebounds for his 2nd career Double Double, while AJ Ogilvy (9points, 11 rebounds) only just missed out.

A big game 3 is coming up on Thursday night in Adelaide #Hawkheads.
Lets get behind the team as we look to make it through to the Grand Final Series.
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Half Time #Hawkheads

Tim Coenraad has 14 points, AJ has been huge with 6 points, 8 boards and 2 assists.

We are out-rebounding the 36ers 23-19 (8-4 offensively) and shooting 12/16 from the free throw line.

20 huge minutes for our season coming up after the half-time interval
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Illawarra Hawks
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It's go time #Hawkheads
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02/18/2017 at 22:26. Facebook
Its GameDay #Hawkheads

Its a must win situation today as we take on the Adelaide 36ers.
Win this game and we force a game 3 in Adelaide on Thursday.

Its time to get loud #hawkheads, and stand as one. Get down to the WIN Entertainment Centre and get loud!

Great seats still available from
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02/18/2017 at 07:52. Facebook
Congratulations to Head Coach Rob Beveridge who will coach his 250th NBL match tomorrow.

Join him as we take on Adelaide 36ers in game 2 of our 2017 Swisse NBL Finals Series, and look to force a decider back in Adelaide Thursday night.

Tickets still available from
#BringDownTheCurtain #Hawkheads