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The fashion intelligentsia of Dubai came together at the most anticipated and the biggest fashion event in the city. Check out the stylish personas we spotted at the FFWD 2017.

Big thanks to Nikon for the gear support!

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Michael Cinco F/W 2017 - #ffwddxb
Photos by: Bethoven M. Filomeno for #illustradomagazine
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Michael Cinco unveils stunning haute couture collection at Fashion Forward Dubai! Congratulations to the impalpable M5! #ffwddxb #taasnooFilipino #galingngPinoy
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One of the best things about Tbilisi is that it's an enjoyably walkable city! Every corner has some kind of wonder to offer. It's certainly one of the most Instagram-worthy destinations you could ever visit. Check out #TeamIllustrado as they go on a walking tour of Georgia's gorgeous capital. #IllustradoDoesGeorgia

Thank you to the Georgian National Tourism Administration for making this...
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Manila touted as the most beautiful city in Asia then, boasted of a historic walled city inherited from Spain, a number of canals teeming with boat activity, a busy thoroughfare that was the famed Escolta, the crystal clear Pasig river and was spanned by four majestic bridges, and a section called Ermita — a residential area where beautiful mansions and the countries best hotels were located.

Remembering the Beauty of Old Manila
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Be sure to build that confidence through whatever means possible. You go girl!

8 Things a Woman Should Remember About Life
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Thank you to the awesome Instagrammers and bloggers who attended our #Instabrunch last Friday! You folks are amazing. It's always a treat for us to see the Filipino creative community gathered like this.

Thank you to JW Marriott Hotel Dubai and Nikon for joining forces with us last Friday for this affair! And hi-fives to the brilliant Pradeep Mohan for showcasing the new Nikon D3400 the super...
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The Medical City Clark is at the forefront of building a better Philippines–Kuwait relationship in the medical sector. Speaking at the Kuwait Health Exhibition and Conference, President and CEO of The Medical City Clark, Dr. Cenon Alfonso underlined the factors that medical patients should consider in choosing a destination to acquire healthcare services and treatment.

Outstanding Philippine Healthcare Highlighted at Kuwait Medical Travel Congress
Meet Ruby Bebita, aka "The Queen of Borjomi." Ruby is the ONLY Filipina living and working in the beautiful town of Borjomi, Georgia (Allegedly. We didn't actually do a census!:p). She's practically a tourist attraction! Get to know more of her in this quick video, brought to you in partnership with the Georgian National Tourism Administration, powered by Grandstores Digital....
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Summer is here na talaga! Time to put my purr coat and velvet knee high boots to rest and increase my lotion’s SPF – 15 may not be enough for my bukid-bred skin – so the higher the fairier! But since I got here in Dubai, I noticed that I’ve added a lot of pounds already.

It's time to hit the gym! Read the Annie B Chronicles -

The Annie B. Chronicles: “Pitness Preak”
Illustrado proudly presents Danabelle Gutierrez. Poet. Actress. Mutant. #MutantsOfDubai

Author of two acclaimed books of poetry, I Long To Be The River, and & Until The Dreams Come, Danabelle is one of Dubai's most admired and prolific Filipino writers in English. This film documents the hours leading up to her performance at the Emirates Festival of Literature.


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Check out #TeamIllustrado as they explore (and get a reeeeeal workout at...) the ancient cave town of Uplistsikhe in Georga! #IllustradoDoesGeorgia

Uplistsikhe (oop-list-seek-heh) is a rock-hewn town in eastern Georgia, around an hour and a half away from Tbilisi. The name translates to "Fortress of the Lord." It.Is. BEAUTIFUL! Not to mention, packed with a ton of history - much like most...
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Tom Taus has landed, folks! Catch his gig tonight with Soniq, 7PM onwards at Fort Andres Dubai, Warwick Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road. Click here for more details: [ Link ]
It’s 2017 dear friends, yet double standards and gender inequality are still an issue. Two years ago, Illustrado Magazine deconstructed the Pinay Maria Clara in a mini documentary “The Filipina on Top” to tackle the issues women are facing. Today we look back; how far have reached in empowering women?

In celebration of the International Women’s Day, we ask ourselves, Is the modern Filipina...
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In line with its commitment towards promoting the Philippines’ world-class medical services,. The Medical City Clark joins Kuwait Health Exhibition and Conference 2017.

Through its participation in the much anticipated conference, TMC aims to raise awareness about medical tourism in the Philippines, where patients from all over the globe can expect state-of-the-art technology and high...
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The Medical City Clark to Promote Philippine Medical Tourism at the Medical Travel Congress - Kuwait Health Exhibition and Conference 2017
The little prince ain't so little no more! Catch international EDM artist Tom Taus as he ignites the city via Fort Andres Dubai this Thursday. Click here for more deets: [ Link ]

Na-in love po ako sa may asawa! Mato-trobol po ba ako sa batas? Ano na laaang??? Here’s some legal advice from the people’s lawyer, Barney Almazar, ESQ.

In this world where there's currently a huge trend of air tickets on sale and Airbnb, it's so easy to pack and jet off somewhere. But the question is where? If you're in a lookout for a unique breed of culture, read on and check why you should visit Thailand.

The Middle East is home to a vibrant community of amazing Filipino artists. As part of our PURO ARTE feature, here are some of the most talented Filipino musicians that you should follow and know! #GalingNgPinoy

PINOY ART COMMUNE - Middle East Based Filipino Musicians That You Should Follow Now
Beyond food and cooking, Filipino Executive Chef Jordan Andino shares some nuggets of wisdom on what he has learned during his whole journey of becoming a world-class chef.

ANGAS PINAS: The Executive Chef - Jordan Andino