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In a piece written for CNN (mainly to plug his upcoming television series, Believer, Reza Aslan, self-anointed scholar of Islam, writes on Why I Am A Muslim. What’s most amusing about Aslan i…

The Unrecognizable Islam of Reza Aslan
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I believe in Islam. Not just as a way, but as the way. Not just as an interpretation of the truth, but as the truth. That doesn’t make me hateful or intolerant. That just makes me Muslim.

My Islam: Not Dogmatic Secularism Nor Religious Fanaticism | Sh. Omar Suleiman |
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Inviting everyone to SBIA's annual banquet tomorrow. Online ticket sales closing soon. Promising to be a great program. Afghan dinner served at 5:15. See SBIA Banquet: Creating an Islamic Legacy for Future Generations for more information.
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Right here in California, and that too in Santa Barbara, of all places. Do whatever you can.

Rebuild the Santa Barbara Mosque | LaunchGood
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Teach Muslim Kids About Black History Month

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The target was reached in under 5 hours and the amount continues to rise.

Muslims Raise $25,000 For Vandalized Jewish Cemetery
Inviting everyone to attend the SBIA Banquet: Creating an Islamic Legacy for Future Generations, this coming Saturday, February 25th. Afghan food served at 5:15. And our keynote is an Azhari scholar of the highest caliber that one cannot miss!

Imam Tahir Anwar's Invitation to 2017 Banquet
If you choose to go for Hajj with El Madina Travel (see , and sign up between now and March 21, we will fly you from anywhere in the US for no extra cost.

Hajj with Imam Tahir Anwar - Official Website
Interactive in-person workshop at Zaytuna College on April 8 & 9 to develop Muslim writers to share rich and inspiring narratives or our core values. See
A list of Muslim therapists in the Bay Area, in case anyone is in need. [ Link ]

Bay Area Muslim Therapists
“Around the ages of 12 to 15 you are developing your sexual template,” she said. “You get [the boys] when they are beginning to construct their sexual identity. You get them for life. If you begin by jerking off to cruel, hardcore, violent porn then you are not going to want intimacy and connection. Studies are showing that boys are losing interest in sex with real women. They can’t sustain...
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‘Pornography Is What the End of the World Looks Like’: Chris Hedges
Have your purchased your tickets to SBIA's annual event on February 25th? You're in for a treat, as our key speakers are Ustadha Muslema Purmul & Shaykh Yasser Fahmy, a graduate of Al-Azhar.
Today at 11am, insha Allah, at South Bay Islamic Association - San Jose, CA.
FINAL CALL! Today is the last day for proposal submissions.
Learn more and submit a proposal at [ Link ]
2017 Conference Tour Dates are now available on our website.
Learn more - [ Link ]
Tonight, after Isha (8pm) at South Bay Islamic Association - San Jose, CA, insha Allah.
Join us TOMORROW at our annual event for Averroes High School.

Please let me know if you'd like to be my guest at my table, and I will arrange it. (at no cost) Please PM me ASAP.