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Getting in the mood to do those naughty things, unacceptable in the world does give you a tingling sensation. Like if you agree
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Children are too cute and innocent and that has landed this reader in some big trouble.

Read to find out. #DrMoJo #ImBesharam #children #kids #masturbation #funny

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“Pleasure does not exist without pain. Pain and Pleasure are the same emotions...” - BDSM Sub #Imbesharam #BDSM
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There is light at the end of the tunnel, introducing fleshlight, buy now at [ Link ] because fapping old way is obsolete and your stick deserves some treat. #Imbesharam
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Enforcing is not loving. Practice love not enforcement advices #DrMoJo to this reader. #ImBesharam #fetish #anal #love #strange #intimacy #witty #oral #stimulation #relationships
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The struggle is real, share if it has ever happened with you.
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Tag someone with a dirty mind
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You might be the king, but hammer ain't your thing. This vibrating male P-spot stimulator could give you thunder down under. Buy now at [ Link ]
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Longer the name, the longer would be the exercise. #DrMoJo suggests this reader how he can do away with excruciating pain. #IMBesharam
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This reader scored a perfect 10 on asking the most descriptively hilarious question ever. Read to find out. #DrMoJo #IMBesharam
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Foreplay is not a time bound activity, the longer it takes, the more sensitized your skin becomes and sends your senses to haywire that leads to explosive orgasm. The trick is to start the intercourse when both find it hard time controlling their desires and are fully aroused. Be creative, break the monotony, explore new positions, and let her know how much she is loved. Have a cracking night....
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People often tend to go right for the erogenous zones when we talk about foreplay i.e. lips and genitals. That’s nice, but there are other parts of the body that shouldn’t be overlooked during sex and touching those helps build up excitement. Face, Neck, earlobes, shoulders, and just about anything else.
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Foreplay is the longest part of the entire sexual exercise, it should not be something that you start with and stop while intercourse. The seduction, conversation, touching the body ... and all the sensual stuff should go on throughout lovemaking."
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Foreplay is a significant aspect for women to have good sex, simply because it takes longer time for women to get into the mood. Unlike men, women like appetizers before moving to the main course. Foreplay helps lubrication flow and makes intercourse all the more pleasurable.
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Science has shown that building up to the intercourse can lead to longer sex and better orgasms. The more diverse sexual practices people include in their romps – like vaginal intercourse, kissing, cuddling, oral sex, and manual stimulation – the longer they lasted.
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Why is foreplay important?
Foreplay would is scientifically known as sensory pleasure aimed towards sexual satisfaction. Irrespective of gender, it is an important aspect of sex in any normal and healthy relationship that includes sex. Another consideration that one needs to have is that foreplay is equally important for both men and women.
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This Valentine was a start for #Tech in Sex aka #BoomBoom time aka #EroticComm - YourStory wrote an excellent piece highlighting how women shoppers are taking over this segment as well.

India readies for IoT in sex
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It's never too late, to correct your mistakes. It's never too late to learn. If unluckily this ever happened to you or if you just want to learn more about the G-spot, then here is something that might just do the trick for you.
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