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If I was him, I wouldn’t charge them money. Send in your dirty secrets @ImBesharam #Share #DirtySecret #ImBesharam
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A satisfied woman is a true sign of manhood. Dr.MoJo tells this reader that sex is more than in-out movement. #imbesharam #DrMojo
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Delete your browser history, better safe than sorry. Issued in public interest, coz we care. ;) #imbesharam #Interest #SafethnSorry #Browsing
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A printed Sext! That’s definitely some crazy loving. Send in your crazy dirty secrets @ImBesharam #Share #DirtySecret #ImBesharam
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You are in Que as many are waiting just like you. Check how this customer shows her love for the product... or model we must say. #customerreview [ Link ] #ImBesharam
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The next time you see the trees moving; don’t necessarily blame the strong winds. ;) Send in your secrets
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Life is about winning but, in bed it’s about losing to your love. This game will make you embrace this more and will let you stretch the limit of your fantasies.
What you need: A Coin and some fantasies in your mind
How to play: Each partner decides on a fantasy and the toss decides the extremity. For eg: He picks anal sex as fantasy and then the toss will help you decide whether it would be...
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Dr. Mojo advises this reader that one should have his food while it’s still ripe. #DrMojo #IMBesharam
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Planning a surprise romantic evening for your partner can be rewarding. But by adding a little zing to the evening, we can guarantee sexual pleasures.
Game: Prick me
What you need: Bunch of colour balloons and paper chits.
How to play: Make some chits of various positions and put one in each balloon. Inflate many such balloons and scatter them around the room. Once you bring in your partner,...
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