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This has to be said, #DrMoJo #sexpert #sexqueries #imbesharam
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Him: It's going to be a bumpy ride, hold on to something strong.
Her: Sure. ;)
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Before sending nudes, ask yourself. Issued in public interest - @imbesharam
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Stop cheating by choice and stay committed to your guy. #DrMoJo #sexpert #sexqueries #imbesharam
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Here is a crazy way of explaining Sexual intercourse to teens, "when the boy inserts his Indian culture into the female values". Watch this satirical video on Sex Education released by East India Comedy a few years ago and tell us in the comments if you feel things have changed since then. #SexEducationInIndia #Sexology #DontBeKhiladi #safesex
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Using condoms is a great way to protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
#Imbesharam #myth #truth #analsex
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A pre-anal enema can help to get rid of most waste matter from your body making it a cleaner experience.
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Anal sex does not correlate with homosexuality, it is often enjoyed by straight men too. #gay #love #imbesharam #myth @truth
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Prepare yourself well and stay relaxed to ensure a smooth back door session.
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Anything done incorrectly will have its negative results. Anal sex is no different. Read the biggest myth that people have about back door entry.
#anal sex #imbesharam #love #myth #truth
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While a lot of people might have reservations about sex from behind, but it is important to clear the air around the topic and bust the myth related with Anal sex.
#analsex #myth #imbesharam
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Hello India - Are you listening?
Why are sex toys such a big deal in India
Maxim India Playboy India Penthouse Baci Lingerie
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Watch this amazing celebration at a football match because high fives and fist bumps are to just too main stream. #Imbesharam #celebration
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The noblest pleasure is the joy of giving, give her the best.
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Touch her gently, relax her tissues. Give her a massage and let her moan with 'oohs'
Buy lotion and set the boat in motion in her ocean
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When she thinks she can swallow it all. #Imbesharam #funny
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#DrMoJo advices to stop worrying feeling jealous about others overtly kinky life. #sexpert #sexqueries #imbesharam
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BuzzFeed asked people to share their most secret sexual fantasies. Here are their open, honest, and very creative answers.

43 Unspeakable Sexual Fantasies People Actually Have
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