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The following covers common signs of kids anger issues. All children show these signs, but if several of them are persistent, you may have a problem.

15 Signs Your Child Has an Anger Problem
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Did you know your teen should be doing these 25 things own their own?

25 Things Teens Can Do on Their Own
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Simplifying your life as a mom is even easier when you get your kids to help. Here are 7 secrets.

7 Shortcuts for Simplifying Your Life
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On behalf of hundreds of adult children of divorce, we offer this important insight into the heart and mind of a child of divorce.

10 Things Kids of Divorce Wish They Could Say to Their Parents
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Boys need their confidence built by their mothers. Here are 10 compliments for boys to share with your son to help him become a good man.

10 Compliments for Your Son
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Here are 13 things to teach your son before he's 13. This is great advice for raising sons of all ages!

13 Things to Teach Your Son Before 13
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There are ways to limit the divorce effects on children. Here is a list of 10 things divorced dads want their exes to know that can help.

10 Things Divorced Dads Wish Their Exes Knew
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If you have shy children, here are some guidelines to encourage them as they grow.

What to Do When Raising an Introvert
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A little bit of good manners goes a long way. Here are 10 social manners for children that will take your children far: [ Link ]
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One of the most important developmental stages of a child's life is the transition from preteen to teen. Before they turn 12 teach them these 12 things.

What to Teach Your Child Before 12 - iMom
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Ever had those parenting moments when you realize your child is a mini-you? And it’s not in a good way. If you find your kids are carrying on your bad habits, here are some tips to help.

Help! I'm Raising a Kid Just Like Me
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Just because something is considered normal by society, that doesn’t automatically make it good or right. With that in mind, here are 6 things six-year-olds should not be doing.

6 Things Your 6-Year-Old Shouldn't Be Doing - iMom
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If you want a strong parent-child relationship, there are 7 things moms should do for their kids every day.

7 Things Moms Should Do for Their Kids Every Day - iMom
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Need date night ideas? Check out our Married Couples Bucket List. 10 great couples bucket list ideas and counting! Add yours!

Take a Love Dare: Married Couples Bucket List
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Are you and your husband going through a divorce? Here are several things you can do to help children coping with divorce.

Helping Your Kids Handle Divorce
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There are five types of sex all couples should have to keep their marriage strong, passionate and thriving.

Types of Sex All Couples Should Have
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The best parent child relationship happens when you spend time with your child. Try these 5 ways to connect with your child.

5 Ways to Connect with Your Child You've Never Considered Before
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There is freedom in forgiveness. #liststolovebybook
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You never thought your teen would be invited to a coed sleepover! Here are 3 teen rationales for permission and why you shouldn't grant it.

My Teen Was Invited to a Coed Sleepover
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With patience and perseverance, your child can learn how to become a morning person. Here are ten tips for teaching your child how to become a morning person.

How to Help Your Child Become a Morning Person