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Think Sal enjoys rubbing strangers' feet? Find out in an ENCORE of last week's IMPRACTICAL JOKERS at 5/4c!
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Go behind the scenes and up Murr's behind in the ENCORE of INSIDE JOKES at 1:30/12:30c!
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As you may have heard, the guys will be on The Carbonaro Effect on March 29 at 10/9c! Also, Sal thinks you should watch.
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Sal got off on the wrong foot in last night's PUNISHMENT! Check out the whole episode On Demand with the IMPRACTICAL JOKERS app or at!
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Attention IMPRACTICAL JOKERS nation on Facebook: Your nation has grown in size - you are now 3 MILLION strong! Thanks for being the best fans in the world!!!
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Yup, Sal needs to be held up in a brand-new episode TONIGHT at 10/9c!
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It's a good thing Joe's married because his dating profile needs some work. Find out some of Joe's skills - and what he would do in a hat store - in this SNEAK PEEK from a new IMPRACTICAL JOKERS at 10/9c!
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We're just one week away from the guys appearance on The Carbonaro Effect on March 29 at 10/9c! Bet you didn't know how similar Brian "Q" Quinn and Michael Carbonaro were. They're basically twins.
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The guys are at it again calling out joke names while working as receptionists. What names will Murr call out? Find out in this SNEAK PEEK from a new IMPRACTICAL JOKERS tomorrow at 10/9c!
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Ace reporter, Tony Gunk, is on the beat and he's got some important questions. What are they? Find out in this SNEAK PEEK from Inside Jokes, TONIGHT at 9:30/8:30c, followed by the series premiere of Upscale with Prentice Penny at 10/9c!
It just doesn't get any sexier than the Double Dutch. (Or something close to it.) #MCM
The IMPRACTICAL JOKERS get CARBONARO EFFECT-ed next week on March 29 at 10/9c! Don't believe us? Watch this!
The IMPRACTICAL JOKERS will be on THE CARBONARO EFFECT on Wednesday, March 29 at 10/9c! (But don't worry, Michael Carbonaro promises he won't make them disappear.)
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! We tried to get this woman to wear green too, but she really wanted her shirt to match her racket.
Tony Gunk returns on INSIDE JOKES, Tuesday at 9:30/8:30c (new date/time just this week), followed by the series premiere of UPSCALE WITH PRENTICE PENNY at 10/9c!
The IMPRACTICAL JOKERS are on THE CARBONARO EFFECT March 29 at 10/9c on truTV! But come on guys, why didn't anyone tell Murr what to wear?!!!
The Jokers are not happy about those "Why is college basketball on truTV?" tweets!

Join in on the fun and tweet along with truTV! -->
Hey Buckaroo! How are you? Let's hear it for our man Q!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brian "Q" Quinn!!!
Did you miss the #ImpracticalJokers Bracket Attack Special? (And Sal's sweet dribbling skills?) Then catch the ENCORE at 5/4c on truTV!
If there was a movie about the Jokers, what actors would you cast to play the guys? Choose wisely because your comment may go on air!