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America's biggest woman and its biggest ferret in one PUNISHMENT? Yup! Here it is from last night's episode. Catch the entire show on VOD - via the IMPRACTICAL JOKERS app, on, or on your TV!
Impractical Jokers
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Sal plays Whack-A-Murr in tonight's all-new IMPRACTICAL JOKERS at 10/9C! But don't worry, no ferrets were harmed during the filming of this episode.
Impractical Jokers
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Wanna nose Joe? Or do the Double Dutch next to Sal?

1. Just download the Impractical Jokers app here: [ Link ] or here: [ Link ].

2. Click on β€œPhoto Booth” and the rest is up to you!

Post your new pic below and don't forget to tune in tonight for a brand-new IMPRACTICAL JOKERS at 10/9c on truTV!
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The see-through mirror is BACK tonight in an all-new IMPRACTICAL JOKERS at 10/9C!! Here's a SNEAK PEEK from Q's turn.
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Remember when Q tried to get spanked in a store? Well, this SNEAK PEEK from tonight's INSIDE JOKES might jog your memory. It's coming your way at 10:30/9:30C, right after an all-new IMPRACTICAL JOKERS at 10/9C!
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You might want to pick up a copy of next week's Entrepreneur magazine featuring your IMPRACTICAL JOKERS! (The guys must've told Q it was a shoot for a "different" type of mag.)
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What happens when Sal and Murr go head-to-head in a game of customer food tasting? Find out in this SNEAK PEEK from tomorrow's all-new IMPRACTICAL JOKERS at 10/9C!
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Ready for today's digital dare? It's very timely! (And you'll look really desperate!)

I miss my ex so much. #PleaseLetsGiveIt1MoreShotBabe
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02/14/2017 at 15:01. Facebook
From forearms to scalps, and even to lips, there's been no shortage of kissing on IMPRACTICAL JOKERS. Enjoy these kisses, and Happy Valentine's Day!
Impractical Jokers
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Excited men are sexy. Excited ferrets, even sexier! #MCM
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An all-new season of IMPRACTICAL JOKERS means all-new #AskAJoker WEB CHATS! Get ready for Sal to answer questions about his Nitro Circus punishment, what caviar tastes like, and if older or younger people get more bothered by the guys' antics. Plus, if you missed last week's episode, catch the whole ENCORE in just 30 minutes at 3/2C!
What has Q pondering his future? Find out in the ENCORE of last week's INSIDE JOKES at 1:30/12:30C!
All this snow getting you down? Maybe it's time to plan a getaway - with the IMPRACTICAL JOKERS!! Go to and sign up for your chance to win a spot on their next CRUISE in November!
The Bog Monster returned to his native environment last night, and this was his PUNISHMENT! Catch the entire episode on VOD (via the IMPRACTICAL JOKERS app, on, or on your TV).
Last call for snacks! The SEASON PREMIERE of IMPRACTICAL JOKERS is just 15 minutes away at 10/9C on truTV!
Move over Cooperstown, the IMPRACTICAL JOKERS HALL OF FAME is here! You’re invited to our first-ever induction ceremony alongside special guests Murr and Sloppy Joe!
What? We'll tell you what. The Season Premiere of #ImpracticalJokers is finally here! It's just THREE HOURS AWAY at 10/9C on truTV!
We may be FIVE hours away from SEASON 6, but we’re just FOUR and a HALF hours from the LIVE Impractically Speaking PRE-SHOW with MURR and SLOPPY JOE! It all starts right here at 9:30ET/6:30PT followed by the Season Premiere at 10/9C on truTV!
The world's most impractical superheroes are back TONIGHT at 10/9C! #ImpracticalJokers
Go behind the scenes with cab driver Sal, a missing tooth, and Kitty Boom Boom in tonight's INSIDE JOKES at 10:30/9:30C - right after the Season 6 PREMIERE of IMPRACTICAL JOKERS at 10/9C. Here's a SNEAK PEEK!