How do we preserve characteristics unique to America?

Why America Is Still Exceptional
Throughout history, America has carried the torch for freedom.

America Is Freedom’s Last Stand
Leftist policies may sound nice, but what do they actually accomplish?
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Join us as we listen to Nigel Farage discuss Brexit and the Trump victory.
Republican Rep. Tom McClintock believes the Senate filibuster is endangering constitutional government.

The Filibuster Is a Danger to Constitutional Government
Why liberty, in its truest form, makes America unique: [ Link ]
The Left preaches compassion, but what do they practice?

Is Leftist Compassion a Lie?
Read Ted Cruz on why it’s more important than ever to defend liberty: [ Link ]
The refugee crisis at hand challenges the American notion of “tolerance.”

What Happens When "Tolerance" Becomes the Basis of Policy Making?
A world without borders is a world without citizens. Without borders, what happens to the rights and privileges that attach exclusively to citizenship? Read more: [ Link ]
Read Edward J. Erler on the Syrian refugee crisis from the October 2016 edition of Imprimis: [ Link ]
Associate Justice Clarence Thomas observes how younger generations seem content to let others do the work of replenishing and defending liberty, all while consuming the benefits of those hard-won freedoms.

Here’s the Key to Defending Liberty
The formula for preserving liberty and free government is simple. Read more from Associate Justice Clarence Thomas’s 2016 commencement address: [ Link ]
Scalia’s jurisprudence was rooted in textualism, originalism, and an unwavering respect for the idea of popular government.

Is Neil Gorsuch the Next Antonin Scalia?
Hillsdale President Larry Arnn tackles whether or not Donald Trump is a conservative in the latest edition of Imprimis.

Is Donald Trump a Conservative?
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In 2014, Paul Ryan laid out his game plan for renewing the American Idea.

Paul Ryan: How to Renew the American Idea
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In 2010, Mike Pence gave advice every president should hear.

Mike Pence: What the Obama Administration Got Wrong