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Please note that "USDA organic certification" labeling still means incredible misery for farmed animals, but maybe just a fraction less, and none of us should ever be buying anything that came from an animal if we truly care about their rights or welfare.

What this boils down to essentially is:

"Things are different for livestock and poultry with the USDA organic certification, which now has...
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New protections for farmed animals in 2017
In Defense of Animals
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We agree that a 6 month sentence for severe animal abuse in England is not enough.

Looks like things may change for the better!

CRUELTY CRUSADE: Animal abusers should be LOCKED UP for longer, new poll reveals
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Goodbye wildlife! Even though you're only 2 to 4% of the Earth's remaining biomass, that's apparently still too much land you're holding out on us.

Republicans Plan to Roll Back Parts of the Endangered Species Act
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We're pretty much doomed at this point.

"So you are applying for a job as administrator for the EPA, to protect our environment, an overwhelming majority of scientists say we have got to act boldly and you’re telling me there needs to be more debate on this issue and we should not be acting boldly?"

Bernie Sanders Lays Into Trump's EPA Pick For Doubting Climate Science
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Animal activists should be very worried! Attacks on any activists are attacks on us all!

North Dakota Bill Would Protect Drivers Who 'Accidentally' Hit And Kill Protesters
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Do you believe the producers? Every time animals are used and abused in films, we're always assured that the animals were fine, but it is rarely true.

So, please avoid films with animal "actors" in them.

Thanks for caring!

'A Dog's Purpose' Producers Say German Shepherd Is Fine, Was Not Forced to Film
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Right now, people living in countries with undetonated mines run great risks of losing life and limb.

Sometimes they turn to trained African giant pouched rats who are trained to sniff out the landmines, and the rats are too light to detonate them.

Since all wild animals would rather be free to pursue their own lives, instead of living in service to us, we hope these new inventions can be...
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In Defense of Animals
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The Bible Says Animals are Friends Not Food

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham’s new vegan pledge inspired this thought-provoking article in the Washington Post, which explains why all Christians should be vegan:

[ Link ]

If you want to help your place of worship go vegan, join our Interfaith Vegan Coalition! We are a group of vegan religious and spiritual groups and...
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In Defense of Animals
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We worry about this too and will be keeping a close watch. Please sign up for our email alerts for action you can take! [ Link ]

Never doubt that the life these animals led as performing slaves carted around the country in miserable tiny trailers and terrified into doing tricks was the worst possible life for them, and things can only get better.

We hope the outcome will be bright...
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When the circus ends, what will happen to its animal prisoners?
In Defense of Animals
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In case you've never seen bunnies getting in a fist -oops- paw fight.
In Defense of Animals
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Take a moment to observe the grief on display here and how animals try to console each other, just like we do.

Please stop everything you're doing to cause any animal anywhere any pain. Thanks for caring!
In Defense of Animals
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This is the cutest post you'll see all day!

Dedicated women knitting giant cozy pajamas for cold sanctuary elephants.

If that doesn't warm your heart, what will?

Huge jumpers are being knitted by villagers to keep elephants warm
In Defense of Animals
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When will we give animals credit for the amazing beings that they all are and stop exploiting them?

Animals are funny, kind, smart, resourceful, quirky, and they want their lives as much as we want ours.
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In Defense of Animals
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This is exactly what zoos should evolve into....sanctuaries for animals rescued from abusive situations who can't be returned to the wild.

We're so happy for these two incredibly fortunate foxes.

Polish zoo opens sanctuary for injured foxes from fur farms - Fur Free Alliance
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We love activists who get on the front lines to make a difference for animals!

Animal lovers pulling all-nighters in the woods to save coyotes
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Wise words from Joaquin Phoenix. We completely agree!
Try vegan this January: [ Link ]
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This is tragic.

"The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that, as of Monday afternoon, 81 false killer whales are confirmed dead among a group of 95 that stranded themselves over the weekend."

"NOAA claims that this is the largest beaching of this species in the history of the state. Forty false killer whales beached themselves in 1989 in Cedar Key."

Dozens of whales dead off South Florida coast
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If you think zoos are all about conservation and animals' best interests, think again. Check out this article on zoo killing and note where it says:

"American zoos do cull, and AZA rules allow it."

Also, let's for once be fair. Would you want to live and die a miserable manipulated life in a concrete prison for the alleged (but not actual) benefit of your species? If it isn't okay for you...
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Killing Animals at the Zoo
In Defense of Animals
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Wild animals should not be reduced to begging for peanuts from zoo visitors. This is just wrong.

Skeletal sun bears BEG visitors to feed them in an Indonesian zoo