In Defense of Animals
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In Defense of Animals
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Meet Rex, a Baby Chick Who Was Destined for the Grinding Machine

Each year, millions of male chicks just like Rex are killed shortly after birth by being suffocated in trash bags, gassed, or thrown alive into grinding machines. Unable to lay eggs, these helpless animals are deemed worthless by the egg industry.

Like other birds, Rex enjoys foraging, sunbathing, and exploring. Yet, over 95%...
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In Defense of Animals
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Good news for Christian animal lovers!

If you agree, join our Interfaith Vegan Coalition [ Link ]

The Pope is Clear: Animals go to Heaven
In Defense of Animals
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YES to tougher laws for animals!

We're starting a revolution for animals, beginning in the Deep South through our Justice for Animals campaign

NO more animal abuse!
In Defense of Animals
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Would you enjoy being in the reverse position? We don't think any human would, and yet so many of us are willing to put animals in these awful situations because might makes right and we're speciesist at heart.

It's time to do away with human privilege. Make the connection and stop the exploitation. Thanks for caring.

21 Shocking Illustrations Reveal How Animals Feel By Switching Them With Humans.
In Defense of Animals
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We are in the midst of the Sixth Great Extinction Event in which wild animals will have reduced in number by 67% between 1970-2020. Contrast that with our species more than doubling over the same timeframe.

Gone Forever? 8 Animals We Said Goodbye to in 2016
In Defense of Animals
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We love opossums and are so happy this little one is safe and found loving guardians.
In Defense of Animals
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In Defense of Animals
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There are some exciting things happening for dogs and cats in China!

Heartfelt Messages About Dogs and Cats Launched Via Poster Tour in China
In Defense of Animals
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Starbucks has just added a new vegan breakfast item! Large businesses are responding to the huge demand for delicious, animal-friendly vegan food and drinks. Let's encourage more positive (and powerful) steps in this direction! Take Action: [ Link ]

Starbucks Just Dropped Its First-Ever Vegan Breakfast Item
In Defense of Animals
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This is so sweet. How much more there is for us to learn, yet we are destroying everything before we collectively realize what we're doing.

World's Oldest Wild Bird Has Baby at 66
In Defense of Animals
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Underwater Suffering - It Never Ends, Unless...

“I wouldn’t deliberately eat a grouper (fish) any more than I’d eat a cocker spaniel. They’re so good-natured, so curious. Fish are sensitive, they have personalities, they hurt when they’re wounded.” says leading marine biologist, Dr. Sylvia Earle.

We imagine that fish lead simple, fleeting lives, but the truth is far richer and fascinating. ...
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In Defense of Animals
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We shared an article on this earlier, but in case you missed it, here's a video.

There are so many of us now, there is no way for us to not have a noticeable negative impact on climate.
In Defense of Animals
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Trump appointed this cretin, Brian Klippenstein, to the head of the USDA, and the next thing you know, all records were wiped!

HSUS claims: "What the USDA did was a cover-up of sorts. It happened on the watch of Brian Klippenstein, the Trump transition team head at the USDA, and a notorious apologist for puppy mills, horse soring operations, and other disreputable animal-use operators. That’s...
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Editorial: Feds shield animal abusers through information blackout
In Defense of Animals
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We need your help to stop this horrifying cruelty. No matter where you live, you can take action.

Thanks for caring enough to act!
In Defense of Animals
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While this particular incident was filmed in Spain, don't allow yourself to conveniently pretend that this isn't happening every day and all day all over the world. If you eat animals, you are voting for this cruelty with your purchases. You can stop here: .
In Defense of Animals
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4th Self Care Tip From One of Our Staff

Enjoy our special self-care tip series for Activist Appreciation Month! Watch for them throughout February.

Dealing with cruelty on a regular basis can be quite unbearable at times, but working with animals at our centers for the last two decades has helped immensely. Every visit reminds me that we have been instrumental in so very many rescues,...
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In Defense of Animals
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What kind of people do this? You have to be a real monster to leave anyone locked up without food or water.

Home Alone With No Water & No Food
In Defense of Animals
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Don't let the USDA get away with becoming an accomplice of animal abusers. Keep fighting!

The agency is budging a tiny bit, but not enough! We want ALL the records put back NOW!

Call the USDA at 1-844-820-2234

Sign our alert to send a letter on your behalf:

[ Link ]

Thank you for caring!

USDA puts blinders on animal abuse: Our view
In Defense of Animals
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This is terrible, but know the egg industry in every country except Germany can dispose of unwanted male chicks by putting them live into grinders. Perhaps the person's whose job that was just couldn't face doing it just because people want to eat eggs.

If this bothers you, stop eating eggs. There is no such thing as humane eggs when male chicks are hatched into the world and ground up the...
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About 1,000 day-old 'vulnerable' chicks dumped in field - BBC News