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Ola Earthwalker Tribe, I've just released my first limited Tie Dye & Enamel Pins via

Every item ships worldwide with a bio-degradable Plantable Seed Tag. Simply plant it in soil, with a little water & sunlight to watch it grow. Thank you for seeing the forest for the trees, and of course your continued support!
- Jake <3
In Hearts Wake
03/21/2017 at 05:30. Facebook
We're pleased to announce our Ranger line of merch Both printed on 100% cotton, the black t-shirt is printed on all organic material, made free from herbicides and pesticides.
All orders order $50 come with a free gift.
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In Hearts Wake
03/20/2017 at 06:10. Facebook
Our Embroidered Stripe T-Shirt is now available at 24Hundred. Featuring a high quality 8mm embroidery. These won't last long.
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While we were in America Jake sat down to speak with heartsupport about how to deal with stress, life on the road and bringing a balance back into life. Have a watch!

Handling Stress in An Extremely Busy World - Jake Taylor of In Hearts Wake

Jake Taylor from In Hearts Wake shares his method of dealing with stress, connecting with others, and expressing himself. Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red star...

We've put together a limited number of eco-friendly merch packs. Each Eco-Pack contains over $150 worth of merch for only $49.95 and is made from environmentally friendly hessian, also known as burlap.

Eco-Packs are only available for a limited time and are curated to your size. Available now, exclusively through 24Hundred.
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Feeling that Empire State of Mind... Now we begin our 40 hour journey flying back around the planet to a beautiful little island we call home... AUSTRALIA! Photo by Stephen Hope
That's a wrap! Thank you to the 43,000+ people that attended the August Burns Red North American Tour. We'll see you all again later in the year ;) Photo by Rosario Gutierrez
Final show #40 of the August Burns Red North American Tour tonight. Great place to end it in their hometown Lancaster. Photo by Riley Taylor
Ohio is for brothers. We may not be at home with our loved ones but at least we have each other. Cincinnati tonight! ❤ Photo by Stephen Hope #VD
"We are the outlaws" - @goskatejose in one of our windbreakers at Red Rock Canyon
Wildflower pink t-shirts are back in stock and Valentine's Day is just around the corner...
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Nashville tonight Photo by Lauren Schorr
Nice to see our fanbase growing over here in America #Dogwalker
Selfie at the Super Bowl #Dayoff
NOLA let's party! #abrmessengerstour #soldout
Houston we have a... gig tonight! Photo by Alex Lam
Touring North America in the Winter.... #icebeard