That 17% of adults, at any one time, are concerned about running out of food before more can be bought is bad, but what’s worse is that we have come to see such statistics as culturally normal. That so many people face hunger, so many children rely on free school meals for their only food intake, and so many parents go without anything at all is astonishing. The rising costs of living,...
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That 17 of adults at any one time are concerned about running

There’s a food poverty crisis in the UK. And the government is starved of ideas | Kathleen Kerridge
Crying In The Silence
By abandoning ‘hardworking families’ to poverty, have the Tories finally gone too far?

From child tax cut restrictions to universal credit, the government has crossed its own red lines. Soon millions more children will go hungry
By abandoning ‘hardworking families’ to poverty have the Tories finally gone too far

By abandoning ‘hardworking families’ to poverty, have the Tories finally gone too far? | Frances Ryan
Caroline Clarke
Nancy Sabzkouhi
Ceris Jane Davies
I was saved from an abusive relationship by social services. Now I’m studying to be a social worker and want the public to know all the good they do
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Social work: the emergency service that should be celebrated, not demonised
Edith Bryce
Jennifer Brotherton
Crying In The Silence
Rosemary Hooper
With schools starting to break up for the Easter holidays, you might be considering if or when it's safe to leave your child home alone. If you're unsure, try our interactive tool to help you decide: [ Link ]
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Patrick, 13, has not been seen for more than a week when he left home to meet a friend in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

Chief Insp Russ Cole, Essex Police’s district commander for Tendring, said:

“...I think he is possibly with a group of friends who are supporting him and enabling him to remain missing.

“I know these people are likely to be using social media and...
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MISSING PLEASE SHARE Patrick 13 has not been seen for more than

Cops think pals may be helping missing schoolboy Patrick Casey hide from them
Kimberley Georgia Williams
Jane Amanda Timmins
Jackie Conroy
This harrowing film shows how 15-year-old Kayleigh Haywood was groomed over Facebook before being raped and murdered.

The film by Leicestershire Police aims to ask teenagers to stop and think before texting strangers.

Please share.
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Kimberley Georgia Williams
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Cailin Horwood's 12-year-old son was walking from Somervale, in Midsomer Norton, when a 'light blue Mini' pulled up alongside him.

The driver tried 'several times' to get the young boy into his car, she said.

Although her son ran away, Cailin fears the man could strike again.

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Cailin Horwoods 12yearold son was walking from Somervale in Midsomer Norton when

Stranger danger: Man tries to lure boy into his car
Jess Frances Rumsby
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Girls in the UK are missing school because they cannot afford sanitary protection.
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Girls 'too poor' to buy sanitary protection missing school
Shireene Wanless
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Tina Watson
Lucy G Rippon
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Vivian Taylor Plume
The baby is reported to have suffocated after the bow slipped down over her nose
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Parents warned over big bow headbands after death of 14-week-old baby
Suziie Fergiie
Harlequin Saraji
Carlie May

Across the country, today, there are children spending the day in fear. Too frightened to go to school. Too frightened to speak out. Too frightened to tell anyone. Across the country, today, children are being bullied.

As part of 'This Morning's Be Kind' campaign we want you to watch this video. You'll hear from two mums whose children took their own lives as a result of the...
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PLEAS SHARE Across the country today there are children spending the day

Take the pledge to support our 'Be Kind' campaign
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Gina Head
WARNING: This video contains disturbing footage of domestic violence.

Detective Chief Superintendent Matt Hutchinson said: "I hope the video that has been released by West Mids Police helps people understand the true dangers of domestic abuse and how brutal it can be for someone who is being hurt by their partner.

"In this instance the victim has shown real bravery in working with police to...
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WARNING: This video contains disturbing footage of domestic violence

Watch shocking footage showing true horror of domestic violence
Stephanie Bowman Rothwell
Cheryl Ann Staniforth
Dawn Kinsley
Adrian Derbyshire, 42, of Cheshire, has shared pictures of his daughter on life support in hospital minutes before she died after hanging herself due to being tormented by online bullies.
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Dad shares photo of girl who 'hanged herself to end bullying'
Jennifer Dixon
Staci Maria Westerside
Olivia Kate Hartey