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Chinese-Simplified-Script translation of Sci Fi novella 2079 AD
©in2go-i™Pty Ltd,2016


第27章 - 第1部分:
*表面温度接近+ 4℃异常
* 1:100年风暴的凶猛和频率成为一个两年期的事件 龙卷风和水喷出无处不在



总有一个根本的原因。 这些是海底到没有生物存在的表面区域。...
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World Emergency Status


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Bangladesh Captain (injured - but ok), and NZ win from behind.

Makes me wish I went to Wellington.

[ Espncricinfo.com Link ]

BDESH 152/7 (55.2 ov, Sabbir Rahman 50*, Imrul Kayes 28*, TA Boult 1/53) | Live Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo

01/15/2017 at 13:36. Facebook
What an incredible (and useful invention).

It's a laser printer that doesn't use traditional (and expensive ink), it uses pencil graphite.

You feed it pencils and it uses them to print on paper.

Since its a pencil source you can use a rubber to erase it.
(this is not an ad - just liked it)
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Chinese-Traditional-Script translation of Sci Fi novella 2079 AD
©in2go-i™Pty Ltd,2016

中文 - 繁體 - 腳本翻譯。

*表面溫度接近+ 4℃異常
* 1:100年風暴的兇猛和頻率成為一個兩年期的事件 龍捲風和水噴出無處不在


總有一個根本的原因。 這些是海底到沒有生物存在的表面區域。...
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01/15/2017 at 06:02. Facebook
Was Kennedy assassinated by the CIA? Was Oswald assassinated when he was about to testify?


Kennedy was pro stopping the Cold War with Russia and wanted peace.

Sound familiar?

Hope history doesn't repeat itself.

If this had played out in the U.K. Any official secret (covered by the offical secrets act) around these events would be disclosed to the public after 50 years.

The US are a...
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CIA Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory - Wikipedia

01/13/2017 at 22:13. Facebook
Innocents being labelled as "terrorist's" without any proof.

Now under an executive order by Obama, instead of this information just being freely shared across FVEYS (intelligence community partners in #NZ, #Australia, #Canada, #UK), they will be shared unfiltered to 16 other countries.

This will affect my movement - if carried out.

[ Sputniknews.com Link ]

Thanks Obama! NSA Allowed to Widely Share Its Spy Data

01/13/2017 at 21:33. Facebook
Māori/Fijian translation of Sci-Fi novella 2079 AD
CH27PAR1 (34-Māori / Whīti)
© in2go-i ™ Pty Ltd, 2016

Māori / Translation Whītī e Google Whakamāoritia.

Chapter 27 - Part 1:
Te mau hopearaa o tonu tukunga haurehu kati horonga, i tokomaha te take matua o te panoni āhuarangi:
* Wahi CO2 ia miriona whakatata te paepae 450ppm whakatata
* pāmahana mata +4° C Pākatokato
* Te maka, me te...
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01/13/2017 at 13:39. Facebook
Zulu translation of Sci-Fi novella 2079 AD
CH27PAR1 (34 Zulu)
© in2go-i™ Pty Ltd, 2016

Zulu Translation by Google Translate.

Isahluko 27 - Part 1:
Nemiphumela baqhubeka yabantu kogesi wendlwana evikela izithombo, imbangela eyinhloko endabeni yokushintsha kwesimo sezulu babebaningi:
* CO2 izingxenye ayisigidi wasondela embundwini 450ppm
* Lokushisa kwamanzi wasondela +4 ° C anomaly
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01/13/2017 at 07:11. Facebook
Shucks missed this last year.

Multiple reputable news sources
Mass lying and deception from intelligence agencies that we supposedly trust.

[ Independent.co.uk Link ]

The Pentagon paid $500m to make fake terrorist propaganda videos

01/12/2017 at 13:30. Facebook
Gujarati-Script translation of Sci Fi novella 2079 AD
CH27PAR1 (34 ગુજરાતી-સ્ક્રિપ્ટ)

© in2go હું ™ પ્રાઇવેટ લિમિટેડ, 2016

Google દ્વારા ગુજરાતી અનુવાદ અનુવાદ.

પ્રકરણ 27 - ભાગ 1:
ચાલુ રાખ્યું એન્થ્રોપોજેનિક ગ્રીનહાઉસ ગેસ ઉત્સર્જન પરિણામ, આબોહવા પરિવર્તન મુખ્ય કારણ ઘણા હતા:
* મિલિયન દીઠ CO2 ભાગો 450ppm થ્રેશોલ્ડ સંપર્ક
* સપાટી તાપમાન સંપર્ક + 4 ° C અસંગતિ
* ભયંકરતા અને 1 ની...
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01/11/2017 at 15:17. Facebook
Divers find pyramid under the Bermuda triangle.
01/11/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
Marathi translation of Sci Fi novella 2079 AD
CH27PAR1 (34-marāṭhī)
© in2go-ī™ Pty ltd, 2016

Google dvārē marāṭhī bhāṣāntara bhāṣāntara.

27 - Bhāga 1:
Cālū anthropogenic haritagr̥ha vāyū utsarjana pariṇāma, havāmānātīla badala mukhya kāraṇa anēka hōtē:
* Lākha CO2, bhāga 450ppm umbaraṭhā samparka sādhalā
* pr̥ṣṭhabhāgāvarīla tāpamāna samparka sādhalā +4° sē visaṅgatī
* 1 rānaṭīpaṇā...
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01/11/2017 at 06:59. Facebook
Nice place to live in #Australia
01/10/2017 at 20:50. Facebook
Asteroid mining investment by Luxembourg, and technology developed by NASA that will help (our) quest for interstellar exploration.
APIS - Asteroid Provided InSitu Supplies.

Idea, is a Falcon-9 spacecraft, captures an asteroid, and using concentrated light (a laser?), disengages the water from the asteroid, and saves water in another compartment, some of which can be used as a propellant. The...
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APIS (Asteroid Provided In-Situ Supplies): 100MT Of Water from a Singl

01/10/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
Shucks - not good.
That would be terrible - if Fiji is a target. More police patrols are needed, so that there is a presence against terrorists, who can be brought to justice swiftly.
[ Radionz.co.nz Link ]

Fears in Fiji ammo find could be linked to terrorism

01/10/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
Afrikaans translation of Sci Fi novella 2079 AD
CH27PAR1 (34-Afrikaans)
© in2go-i™ Pty Ltd, 2016

Vertaling deur Google Translate.

Hoofstuk 27 - Deel 1:
Die gevolge van volgehoue uitstoot antropogeniese kweekhuisgasse, die hoofoorsaak van klimaatsverandering was talryk:
* CO2 dele per miljoen genader om die 450ppm drumpel
* Oppervlaktemperatuur genader +4° C anomalie
* Die wreedheid en...
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01/10/2017 at 13:57. Facebook
Tahiti is eyeing up a new floating city. That is one way to embrace rising sea level's.
[ Radionz.co.nz Link ]

Tahiti eyed for floating city

01/09/2017. Facebook
Tuvalu, is a group of 9 islands to the north of Fiji.

Will be adding the language of Tuvalu to 2079AD, as a translation, and will be focusing on plans on how the main atoll can be saved from rising seas (climate change).

I note that the are reclaiming land, but they need to build on the strengths they have on the atoll.

If they build a sea wall, and create a canal lock mechanism to allow...
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