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"The Brexit vote may be bad for the U.K., but it's a potential gold rush for everyone else."

What Brexit, Trump, and Refugees Mean for European Startups in 2017
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When you realize you don't trust or respect your boss anymore, the best thing you can do is find another position.

My Boss Thinks I'm His Partner In Crime (And, It's Forcing Me To Quit)
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These are the top 10 technologies you need to know about right now. (via MIT Technology Review)

Our picks for the top 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2017
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Sometimes, we simply need to take a step back and let the situation unfold.

Sometimes the Best Plan of Attack Is to Do Nothing
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Don't lose your top talent on account of ignorance or naivety.

10 Reasons Your Best Employees Will Quit (Even If You Pay Well)
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Discipline is about having the presence of mind to choose what you want over what you feel like doing.

Designing Your Perfect Day: Why It's Not Just About The Law of Attraction
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If even a fraction of these claims are true, Uber has signs of a cancerous culture.

An Open Letter to Uber's CEO: Why You Might Need to Fire Yourself
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The irreplaceable skills: Questioning, observing, associating, experimenting and networking.

The 5 Skills You and Your Kids Need to be Robot Proof --According to Experts
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According to science, watching television diminishes your emotional intelligence.

Want Emotionally Stable Kids? Neuroscience Says to Limit Their Exposure to This
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Be a lifelong opportunist; always be yessing.

5 Huge Life Lessons I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self
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Magical things happen when you start paying attention.

This Is How You Train Your Brain To Get What You Really Want
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Be very clear with what you communicate to avoid ambiguity. (via Fast Company)

Nine Words And Phrases To Avoid When You're Negotiating A Salary
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Dressing up for work continues to go out of style.

How to Attract and Retain Millennials with the Right Dress Code
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The best way to get your email ignored? Not using a subject line.

3 Simple Ways to Get More People to Respond to Your Emails
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He used unique ideas outside of the norm.

How a Six-String CEO Revived an Iconic Brand